Thursday, September 5, 2019

Baby #2 Gender Reveal Party!

This past weekend, we celebrated Baby Melch #2 with a gender reveal party at our house. 

We invited over our immediate family and friends to a Bows or Baseballs gender reveal party on Sunday afternoon. It was a stressful weekend however, and in order to tell you more about that, let's start back at Tuesday. 

Tuesday I had my 20 week sequential screening tests, in which everything showed perfect, and baby is growing 'above' normal. My due date is January 11, but by measurements, baby is showing due date of January 4- even though, they are keeping original date! Anyway, I told the technician I didn't want to know the gender and instead wanted it sealed, however it was obvious on the screen so my mom (who came with me to the appt since Joe brought Joey to his first day in his new classroom) and I found out the sex. It was one the biggest secret's I've kept from my husband!!!! I was so nervous I was going to slip, and did a few times, but ended up back tracking haha. 

It's now Saturday, and I was getting around all the party items I had made/ purchased etc. since our 13 week appointment in which if baby cooperated, we might have been able to find out the gender- but baby did not and was facing down the whole time. I showed Joe the plastic baseball we were going to use and fill with blue or pink chalk and hit revealing the sex of the baby. I had just got done saying to him ' I wonder how this works, like if it cracks open or what.' and shut the baseball w/o any chalk in it.... andddd I couldn't get it back open. I tried a knife, I tried a pin.. nadda. Finally, after like 20 minutes, I thought well let me just drop it and see if the halves just open again. Well, it did, but one half broke down the middle and another small piece flew off. CRAP! Immediately, I texted my best friend (who was going to fill the ball with the chalk) and she pulled up a next day delivery one on Amazon! I ordered it, and hoped for the best. Fast forward to Sunday, and I checked the mailbox every 20 minutes. After stressed for a good part of the day, even while all our friends and family was there, Amy decided to tape together the broken ball with duck tape (not the prettiest- but got the job done) and filled with chalk. Thank goodness, because the other one did not show up until after 6 and people were already leaving at this point!! 

It was a great day- despite the ball drama! We love havng people over our beautiful house and even better to celebrate such a special occasion... our newest BABY BOY!!

Party Supplies:
Invitations: Ash's Party Accents
Baked Goods: The Buttercups Bake Shoppe
Plates and Napkins and Cups: Etsy
Pins: Etsy
Baseball with Chalk: Etsy
Banners: Etsy

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