Thursday, September 12, 2019

Amazon Favorites Recently

I have made so many Amazon purchases since moving into our new home in March, but finally I am buying things for myself, and not home related!

Bodycon Dress 
Revlon Hair Dryer
Off the Should Dress 
Tshirt Bodycon Dress
I bought a lot more then these items, but these are my favorites by far. The two bodycon dresses are perfect for my growing bump, but will be so cute next Summer as well when (hopefully) i'm back to my normal shape! I got small's in both the tank and t-shirt dress. They are both so comfortable to wear all day. You can dress up with wedges and heels or down with basic sandals. I actually more then tank dress to Jury Duty a few weeks ago with a cardigan on top. It was the perfect dress to sit around in for 7 plus hours!

The MaeBand is definitely a game changer. I was able to wear my shorts all Summer with this. I wish I would have had it when pregnant with Joey. I still wear it, but have officially busted out the maternity jeans as well. 

The Revlon hair dryer cuts down my drying time, and saves my arm from going numb while using my round brush. This is an all in one so you only need one hand. It does it pretty hot though, so really that is my only downfall.

The off the shoulder, black dress has been in rotation all Summer. I wore it to an engagement party dressed up and dressed down on vacation with sandals. It's so versatile and I actually love the silky material. It does wrinkle if sitting for a long time say in a car or at a dinner, but since it's black it's actually not that noticeable.
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