Monday, June 24, 2019

Summer Beauty Favorites

We are in the thick of Summer now, even though here is PA it doesn't feel like it. We are getting over a few weeks worth of rain, and luckily just this weekend, we dried out. Do you tend to change out your products you use based on the seasons? In winter my skin gets so much drier, so I tend to use more products, and in the Summer months I use the excuse- less is more!
Today, I've pulled together my favorites I use everyday. Some of these I use in Winter as well, but I thought I would share them anyway!

I use this practically every night before I go to bed. It helps takes the stress of the day away and feels so good. I usually pair it with my night oils so that it rolls on much easier. 
I've been seeing more and more dark circles around my eyes, so I purchased this eye cream and it has taken care of them for me. It also makes this delicate part of your skin feel so soft.
after taking off my makeup from the day, I typically mix two pumps of each of these oils and rub onto my face. In the morning my skin feels so unbelievably soft. 
Same thing as at night, when I get out of the shower, I will rub two pumps of each day oils onto my face to soak in before adding my make up. 
Having a pool now, I have been spending much more time outside. Even though summer my skin is much more moisturized, it does get dry from being in the pool and sometimes showering twice a day. I love this this is actually a spray on lotion and smells soooo good. After I get out of the sun I spray over my body and let it soak in. 
I've always loved getting blonder in the summer, but as I get older, I learn how important it is to protect my head, especially being color treated. I always will spray this on my part and hair before going in the sun (even when wearing a hat). 
Some extras not shown:
Drunk Elephant | Babyfacial
One a week, I exfoliate my face using this product. It helps to keep the brightness!
Drunk Elephant | Lip Balm
I can't tell you how much I love this balm, but for $18 per stick, I don't use it all the time. I will put a swipe on before spending a day in the sun and sometimes before going to bed. Through out the day I will use other brands (less expensive brands) like ChapStick or Neutrogena. 
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