Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kitchen Organization | Spice Cabinet

How many times have you been cooking or baking and open your spice cabinet to grab what you need, only to have to search through every darn bottle. I hate that spices don't have their names on the caps and that since we tend to buy all the same brand.. they all look the same. Our spice cabinet is one of our lowers, so unless you bend down or pull out everyone, you aren't going to see what it is. 
I decided I would take a step towards organizing this small cabinet and put my spices in these bottles. If we had more space in our kitchen I think they would look so cute displayed on a spice rack or shelf.. maybe next house! ha

Since they were going to be in a cabinet and not displayed, I used these basic labels from Anderson + Grant and simply wrote my own for the ones not shown. You can definitely make your own too, which prolly one day I will get around to doing! 

I still have to purchase more jars to finish up the rest of our spices and find a different type of jar that we can use with our grinders, but it definitely has helped so far while rushing to make dinner and pairing up the lids with their respective bottles after use!
Do you have any organizing tips for your kitchen spices?
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