Monday, August 14, 2017

DIY | Olive Branch Tree

I was wondering around Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and came across the cutest olive branch topiary. There was a sign 50% off all pre-made arrangements so I picked it up. I could hardly believe the price tag said originally $60.00 um hello! it's a tiny tree!! I would not pay the reduced $30 for this little twig let alone $60!!!! But then of course the voice inside my head said.. "you can DIY for much less" and that's exactly what I did! 
I found the greenery aisle and thankfully that week they were all 50% off as well. I ended up getting two branches full (which was much fuller then the 'twig') for the price of one at just $9.99. I already had some of the brown floral tape from a project previously.  I also intended to use one of my clay pots, but thought it looked better in this galvanized pot instead. If you didn't notice it has the name 'Joey' on it because it was part of a baby shower gift!! I didn't realize I didn't take the name off until after taking the photos!


Two olive branches
Brown floral tape
Styrofoam ball (cut in half)
Greenery to cover styrofoam (optional)
Hot Glue dapped into pot to secure

It literally took my five minutes, if you include the time for the hot glue gun to heat up; to make this project! I removed the twine from the branches and put secured both branches together with the brown floral tape.

After the stems were secure I stuck them into the foam halved ball.  To secure it from tipping, I added a dap of hot glue to the bottom.  You can add some greenery to cover up the ball if you want! I didn't have any on hand, and put it onto of the cupboard and no one can really see inside the pot!

what do you think! I love the way it came out and so happy in all cost me about $10!
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