Thursday, February 9, 2017

Easist Way to Create a Gallery Wall

I've been wanting to dress up our stair way since we moved in a year and a half ago. But the only thing I ended up doing was printing three black and white photos from our engagement shoot and hanging them going up the stairs. BORING! I knew a gallery wall would be perfect in this spot, now just to get it done.  I wanna share a little secret with you all... I have a phobia of making a million wholes in the walls. I finally bit the bullet and decided to do it. We never the living room when we moved in, so there were already holes from the previous owners anyway. I knew I couldn't really mess it up! One of my favorite decorating bloggers Lauren from Bless'er House shared her secret to hanging the perfect gallery wall and guys, I can't keep it in either. It literally was so easy to do!
First thing first, decided if you want to use a color scheme for your photo's, frames, etc. I went with all black and white pictures in weathered grey, black matted and antiqued white frames to keep with the theme of my living room furniture. I most likely will be adding on some natural wood elements to give it some color pop as well, but I think I got a good start!

I will prolly end up changing the pictures a million times but picked some of my favorites from our wedding to add to our engagement ones. And how could this be our family gallery wall without our beloved Charger on the wall! 

I started by picking what frames I wanted to use on the wall. I recently purchased these frames  to use in the nursery, but after gathering all the decor for his room, decided they would be too big. However, one rooms loss is a gallery walls gain! I also purchased black frames with white matting from Ikea on our latest trip. The original three black frames with white matte shown below are from Target last fall. Other frames and objects are things I gathered that I had around the house AKA stole from my office!

 I used some 12x12 paper I had laying around, but you can use regular paper or wrapping paper and I measured all the frames including where the picture hangers were. 

I marked each 'frame' with what they were so that I could visualize what it would look like. When I got them just how I wanted I nailed the holes into the walls and removed the paper one by one as I placed the frame on the nails.

I added some finishing touches with the pearl M and ampersand. In case you missed the post yesterday, that middle frame is actually a Good Will find!

Since I created this wall, I have added two more photo's to the wall! Hopefully when the sun decides it wants to show it's face again, I can get some better pictures to share with you all!

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