Wednesday, February 8, 2017

DIY | Goodwill Find Turned Shabby Chic Frame

Confession: I love browsing our local Goodwill Store! Lately, with organizing and getting ready for baby, I have been making more frequent trips to Goodwill to brings bags and bags and bags of clothing and household things to donate. When time allows though, I love pulling around to the front of the store and browsing what home items I may find. I like to think of a story for each piece I purchase, like where it came from, what the person was like who owned it previously, and what can I do with this piece now. 
On one of my latest trips I picked up this awesome little round frame for... wait for it... $.97!!! I knew I wanted to use it in my gallery wall one day and loved the little details around the sides. 

+ Frame from Goodwill Store
+ White paint (I used left over Valspar cabinet enamel paint because that's all I had!!) I suggest using a chalk paint or milk paint)
+ Paint brush 
+ 100 grit sand paper
+ Soap

It really wasn't a bad looking frame, but it just didn't fit the style of our home and the look I was incorporating in our gallery wall. 

First thing I did was give the frame a good cleaning. I am a huge germ-a-phob so I always clean all the home items thoroughly I find at the Good Will Store. You just never know what kind of home they come from and you don't want to bring that into yours.

 I popped out the glass and backing and got started on the transformation. Like I said before, one of the reasons I really liked this frame was because of the little details on it. Using my finger, I added a little hand soap to the details. This will help you to achieve the 'shabby' look when done painting.

 I applied two coats of white paint to the frame and some of the wood still showed through. I liked the look so I stopped at just two coats. Since I added the soap onto the details, and my frame wasn't real wood, I used a paper towel and was able to wipe some of the paint off the details.

 I then used my sand paper gently over the details to scrape some more paint off. I sanded some more around the frame to give it a more worn feeling. When I was happy with the final product, I decided not to put the glass or backing on the frame. I liked the way the wall showed through the frame.

 And come on.. isn't this just the cutest picture of Charger! This was taken right after I picked him up from the vet after his 'man parts' were removed. That cone was so big on his little body, but just look at that smile!!

 If you want to see an easy way to hang your gallery wall.. check back tomorrow for an easy gallery wall tutorial!

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