Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Year in Review | Our House

I've said it once and I'll say it again, 'boy, what a year!" A lot has gone on in our personal life but we also have done a lot to our little house. Where do I begin? Let's start in the kitchen shall we..
New Basement Door...
In April we began on some much need renovations to the house. One of the first big things we did was replacing the basement door. To some this may not be a priority high on their lists, however, when we were looking for houses we saw a home with french glass paneled door and I fell in love. I knew no matter where we lived I needed this kind of door. The door already in the house was broken at the bottom, so this worked in my favor! The door was purchased unfinished from Home Depot and painted white to match my (eventually) painted cabinets. It's amazing how much it opened up the kitchen.
Hi Charger! What a model!

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets White...
Right after the door was installed, I knew I had to get started on the cabinets. I loved the look of a white cabinet and new it would open up the dungeony look going on in the kitchen before. For a tutorial on how we got the look, check it out here.

And in case you wanted to flash back to the previous look..

Kitchen Floor...
Once the cabinets were painted it was time to update the floor. We purchase this grey engineered hardwood from Lumber Liquidators and had it installed by contractors who work for my company.  

Some other things in the kitchen we did.. 
+ added decorative shelf in corner of room
+ updated thermostat  
+ New table and chairs
+ New bamboo blind window treatment

New Sun Room...
Our sun room was sad to say the least. The door to outside didn't shut properly due to rotting, the windows would barely lift and if you were able to get them up, you needed to use your body weight to close them. The rug had holes and tears and the 'blind' was falling down.. and I say 'blind' because it was ONE that went across all the windows, but didn't quite fit them. My intentions were to just start with a new door, but once the contractor removed the door, there was significant rotting on the sides of the room as well. So, it was all in and we replaced everything except the original roof. Go big or go home right!

and in case you couldn't remember what it looked like before..

When we moved into the home, this room was a bright blue. I knew I wanted this to be a girly sanctuary so baby pink it was! As you already know from this post, come Spring this room will be turned into the nursery for our baby boy, but I had a good one and a half year run with it! 

In Progress..
+ upstairs half bath becoming a full
+ office being converted to nursery

As you can see, it's been a busy year, and this next one will be even busier! I can't wait and hope you continue to follow along with me! Cheers to 2017!
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