Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 House Resolutions

It is said, if you write something down you are more likely to do it. So, as you all as my witness.. I am making it public our 2017 house resolutions! 
As you know from yesterday's post, we did a lot of upgrading/remodeling to our house this past year. But like any older house, there are always things to be done, especially cosmetically. So without further ado, here is the list.. drum roll please!!
Front Exterior Goals...
+ Paint siding
+ Remove dead bushes from landscaping
+ Re-landscape front & side of house
This picture the day we closed on our house. As you can see from siding above the garage is an ugly greenish yellow siding. This continues onto the sides and back of the house also. Its an old vinyl siding, but honestly don't want to put the money to replace it when in reality we will prolly have to move in another couple years due to our growing family. I do love the brick on the front of the house, so I'm thinking of having the siding painting to match the brick. 
Basement Goals...
+ Get rid of JUNK!
+ Organize bar
+ New lighting
+ Organize office space
+ Organize laundry/ storage area
Living Room Goals...
+ Paint 
+ Better storage for Charger's toys
+ Hang up shelves
+ Update gallery wall
+ New window treatments
Our living room has come a long way since the first day we moved in (pictured below).  We had a ceiling fan/ light installed in the middle of the room and still have yet to paint and from it. I do like the color of this room (even though it looks very, very beige here, with our furniture and color decor it is much more muted. 
Kitchen Goals...
+ Finish painting bottom of cabinets and inside doors (oops)
+ Paint back splash
+ Organize cabinets better
In an effort to just be done with the kitchen cabinet painting, I thought I would go back and paint the bottoms of the cabinets at a later date. Also I had all intentions to put some lighting under the cabinets.  I wanted to do a chalk paint of a fun color inside the cabinet doors too, but after much thought, I think I will just do them white to match.  The back splash is the original, an greenish yellow, so instead of spending money on removing and adding new, I think I will just paint the tile. 
Guest Room Goals...
+ Organize closet
+ Get rid of junk!!
+ Add office space
Sunroom Goals...
+ Add color decor
Our sun room has has the biggest (new) makeover of the whole house considering it's all new except the original concrete slab it's on and the roof! 
Patio Goals...
+ Add onto existing landscape
+ Re-paint cellar door
+ Add on additional patio 
+ White fence on side of house
Upstairs Bathroom Goals...
+ Finish remodel
+ Paint
+ Add decor
Nursery Goals...
Well, gotta go and get started on this work! Baby will be here before we know it, and I'm sure baby snuggles will be taking up a lot of my time!
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