Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our Christmas Card | 2016

This year I did something I thought I would never do. I ordered our Christmas card! Yes, you read the correctly! Considering I have my own Etsy shop that makes cards and invites, this is prolly very shocking. I just ran out of time doing customers and other family members cards, that this was an easy fix! 

I thought the saying of "What a Wonderful Year" was fitting considering all we've done this year!
+ Puppy in January
+ Remodeling of the House
+Bridal Shower in March
+ Wedding in June 
+Expecting our first Human Baby

Makes me tired just thinking about it all! I plan on doing a 2016 recap in the next few weeks, so in case you are new around here.. make sure to check back!

We had our Christmas pictures taken at a local tree farm on Black Friday. We also used this photo shoot as our maternity session! You can check out all the wonderful photos Here. Once again DeLorenzo Photography did a great job! I am so happy with how they came out!

Please accept this digital copy as our Christmas Card to you and yours!
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