Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rent the Runway- Unlimited

 A friend and I went to happy hour last week and she was wearing the cutest off the shoulder shirt. I asked her where she got it because I think I saw it in Neiman Marcus with a hefty price tag on it. I was right (of course I was!) and was so confused because I knew she would never spend that amount on clothes, especially a trendy item like that. She then told me about the greatest subscription on the planet. Okay, maybe not the planet but it definitely is a game changer!

She told me she rented the shirt and that she signed up for a subscription every month to receive unlimited items! Say what!!! I had to... no- needed to check this out for myself. So of course I downloaded the app right there. I signed up the next day for a subscription and got my first shipment just two days later!

This is great if you have a busy summer with weddings, parties and dates! It not only makes me feel like a million bucks wearing these items, but it makes me want to dress up and not just throw on a t-shirt and shorts.. typical Friday night attire.

It is so easy to use also. Whether it's through the app on your phone, or on the website you pick three items you would like to wear. I received my in 2-3 days on hangers and freshly dry cleaned. My first order, two of my items were too big. I packed them back up in my garment bag and sent them back the next day. They supply you with the return label and a security hook for the zippers!

Once they were received, I was able to pick two from the Unlimited selection more items. They again came in two days. 
I also reviewed all my items, even the ones that ran big! This way you can help other ladies when they are making their choices!

Celebrating Mila's First Birthday Party in my Romper

Want to check it out? Click here for more info!

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