Thursday, July 7, 2016

Currently | July

So today I wanted to join in on a fun link up called Currently. The hosts JennaAnne have been hosting this link up for years. I have always read there posts, but honestly never join in.. expect for today!! So here it is.. my currently's:

toasting. our wedding was a whole month ago this past Monday. It flew by! We got a preview of one of our pictures from our photographer and it has me itching to get the rest. I can't wait to share all the details with you all. I keep getting compliments on how much fun and how perfect everything was!

going. Saturday we are going to a friends house for a day by the pool. We are really excited because we are going to bring Charger for his first pool experience too! I recently bought him a life jacket.. just in case.

smelling. While down shore this past weekend, I stopped in one of my favorite boutiques. I love it so much because it's not for profit and all money goes towards the adult services they offer in the back of the shop! Plus all products are local artisans too! It's a win win. I purchased this face spray (but I use it more as just a body spray since it smells so good)

wearing. These sandals are in constant rotation in my closet right now. I already own the brown leather, but am debating buying the black too. They are perfect to dress up any outfit!

wishlisting. If you follow along, the you know since we purchased our home last July, we have done a lot of little things around it. Just recently I really but my sweat (and tears) into projects and started remodeling things. next on my to do list is our sun room that leads to our backyard and patio. The structure needs to be fixed before I can start putting my little touches in it, so I am hoping my workers get it finished soon!

What do you have going on currently? I'm linking up with Jenna & Anne and you can too!
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