Friday, July 1, 2016

Five on Friday!

Who doesn't love a three day weekend!! If you are lucky enough you might have today off of work also and that would make you one lucky duck!! I can not wait to get out of the office today and pack a bag and head down to the shore. It's the first time this summer we will be going to the shore house (insert shock face!) However, we are only going for two nights since we have a friends daughters first birthday party on Sunday and we want to spend the rest of the weekend at home!

Here's some of my highlights from this week!

one. On Saturday we attended our first Kenny Chesney concert of the summer. The best part is the tailgates with our friends. It was very humid that day.. I'm talking in the 90's hot so the best way to stay cool was with a cold drink in your hand! My favorite drink drink the Island Girl (this was also my signature drink at the wedding!!) was in my light up USA mug from Victoria's Secret!

two. I don't have the professional photo's back from our photographer yet, but while on facebook I happened to stumble upon my salon's page. To my surprise I saw pictures of myself and my beautiful bridesmaids!! This is a picture of the back of my hair! The hair piece was custom made for me! It was beyond beautiful and my designer, Fay did a wonderful job! She also made the barrettes for my bridesmaids also. My hair was perfect too! It was so me especially with the braids!

three. the first half of my week was spent in Atlantic City, NJ at a expo for the company I work for. It's not the best photo, but this is half of our booth with our marketing materials, compliments of yours truly! 

four. As I said before, I was Atlantic City for three days and two whole nights BY MYSELF. Believe it or not, I'm very much a home body and don't like doing anything by myself. If you know anything about AC, you know there are outlets right by the convention center. It was so humid and dreary I didn't even want to leave my room to go shopping!!! So what did I do instead.. well I started watching Game of Thrones from Season One Episode One for hours and hours straight. Hello room service for the win!

five. I was so excited to get home, but not excited as Charger was to see me! Trust me when I say Charger is a mama's boy. Joe said he was acting out those few days and was being a huge jerk. He sometimes gets like that when one parent is away! I snuggled, kissed and played with him the rest of the night on Wednesday! Well until I watched another 2 episodes of game of thrones. #cantstopwontstop 

Did you do anything fun this week? Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!

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