Monday, July 11, 2016

Perfect Summer Weekends

Oh Summer. Why must you fly by so fast? Can you believe it we are half way through Summer?? Where has it gone??

Luckily Joe and I don't have much scheduled for our July weekends and we can spend them any way we like! Which is perfect, since the beginning month was jammed pack with wedding things and end of Summer is the start of football season, so I will be back to Coach Ashley mode. 


we made an impromptu trip to the Valley Preferred Cycling Velodrome. The weather was perfect, not to humid and there was a slight breeze. They had about 14 races that night, and it was so fun seeing the different types. There are cyclist from all over the world that both train and race here, including some from the US Olympic team!

Joe of course knew all the workers there (this is not surprising since this is one of Joe's accounts for beer) and he got to shoot off the gun for the 5th race that night!

'We finished off the night with a stop at the Old Brewery Tavern to play some quoits on the patio bar. This is prolly the only time I will visit this bar, since it's also known as the college dive bar for Moravian, and I would never want to see my cheerleaders out during the year!


I kicked off  with a hair cut (3 inches to be exact) since I could not stand how long it had gotten. Side note, my hair grows unbelievably fast, so the length will be back shortly

We had all intentions of going to a friends house swimming in the afternoon, but the weather didn't want to play nice. All day it was cloudy and misting/drizzling rain. Instead we had lunch at home and decided to check out an antique store in New Jersey. 

This love seat was definitely speaking to me asking to be brought home for our sun room, but I decided against it. 

This little wooden table was so cute, if only I had a place to put it! This store has so many different rooms to explore I could have spent a whole day there. Check out my tips for antiquing here!

 After visiting another shop and only finding one small thing, we decided it just wasn't our day. We ventured back into PA and had an early dinner at Easton Public Market. I went with a nutella, strawberry, banana crepe and a nitro cold brew coffee, because hey, why not!! We were suppose to attend a local clam bake with some friends, but again the weather decided to keep us away with down pours howling winds. We ended up staying in and watching what else besides Game of Thrones (I'm onto season 5 now!) and cuddled Charger since the thunder was scaring him.


began with brunch with Joey and my mother in law, Monika! Our favorite restaurant, The Mint opens one Sunday every few months for brunch. This means we attend the brunch every couple months because they always have a different menu with amazing options on it.  
PS. Check out my hair cut!!

In the afternoon, we took our friends up on their rain check and spent the day at their pool. Charger absolutely loved it and actually jumped right in the pool when we got there! He was a little stunned at first, but began to swim like a natural. We put him in with his shark fin life vest for a little to do some laps, but decided to take it off once he got comfortable. 

So did you do anything fun this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!
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