Friday, February 5, 2016


Who said you can't wear white before or after Memorial Day. Like really.. is this rule written somewhere? I personally love wearing white! It's so light and airy and makes me be more carefully that I am not a slob!

There is something so classic and crisp about a pair of white skinny jeans with a bootie or heel. I like to pair with a t-shirt, cardigan and booties to dress down for work on Friday's and throw on a pair of heels and blazer for a date night later that day. They are definitely a staple in my wardrobe ALL year long!

1 | Express
3 | J Crew

They key to wearing this light denim in the winter monthes is what you pair with them. I would prefer not to wear them with nude heels when there is 32 inches of snow on the ground, but perhaps this weekend when temps are in the 50's. I'm not going to lie, when I do dress these up I sometimes I still get the occasional look from people like.. is this girl really wearing white after labor day.. but they just don't know how to accessorize them correctly! Key things to keep in mind...

1. Layer your top piece. You don't want to pair your white denim with a floral halter top out to the bar. Think neutrals such as grey's, blacks and solid color tones. Blazers and cardigan's are always a good choice!

2. Your shoe choice will make or break you. Like I said before, look at your weather forecast before taking these out of your closet. If there are chances of rain or snow, pair with a short bootie. If clear skies are in the future pull out a pair of solid heels and strut your stuff girlfriend. Personally I stay away from high boots when wearing white denim.. after all you want to show off you whites not hide half of them up!

3. Be confident in your outfit. I say this a lot when I talk about outfits, but I believe 'fashion' or 'having style' is all about being confident in your outfit choice. What's the point of wearing an outfit if you are going to be hiding behind friends at a bar or sitting in a corner the whole night! If you are not confident in wearing white denim during winter months then don't. Start off by wearing to an event with just your girls, a family party or a quiet dinner during the week night. See how you feel in public first before taking the deep Saturday night outfit plunge!

How do you style your's if you wear them in winter?
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