Monday, June 22, 2015

What to Pack for a 7 Night Cruise

Now that I am finally settled back into a normal routine I thought I would share with you all what I packed for our 7 night Bermuda cruise.  Before I left, I searched Pinterest, other blogs and talked with friends that have cruised before on what to pack. Luckily, we didn't have to fly so I was able to have my suitcase weigh whatever I wanted and was able to carry on as bags as I would like. The items I packed were for a tropical location, so these may vary depending on where you travel to. Most cruise lines have the same formal dress code, but it is always good to check with your specifically before you travel!
Day Outfits:
While at sea, on the ship I only wore bathing suits, because let's be honest I needed to get as much sun as possible during this trip! I wore cover ups on top of each bathing suit, because on most cruise ships you aren't allowed to walk around in 
While on the island, we did two excursions, snorkeling and a beach day so I wore bathing suits those days and the third day I wore a basic sun dress, sandals and a hat for some shopping. I did bring other in between outfits that included shorts and tanks in case we want on a hike or anything like that.
Make sure to apply lots of sunscreen! The first full day at sea I got burned on one side of my chest and lathered each day after. Inevitably I started to peel by the end of the week and was nervous about the new skin getting burned even more! After every shower I applied large amounts of lotion to help my tan last as long as possible! 
Left Picture:
Bathing Suit | H&M
Sarong | H&M
Fedora | H&M
Right Picture:
Bathing Suit | J Crew
Sarong | H&M(similar)
Sundress | H&M
Hat | Unknown
Cross body | Kate Spade
Sandals | Target(similar)

Night Outfits:
Our cruise had two formal night. Some guests decide to go all out in tuxedo's and gowns. To me I prefer not getting that fancy since I am on vacation, and instead wore outfits I would wear to a wedding. I wore two different cocktail dresses with heels. Onto the ship I carried a regular size purse, but didn't pick it up again until the day with left. Bring clutches and/ or small bags while on board. The only thing you will need is you 'sea pass'/room key, camera, and some lipstick. For our cruise line we linked a credit card, so anything that was not included in our package was purchased through our 'sea pass'. 

Top My outfit:
Dress | Old Navy
Clutch | Michael Kors (old)
Jumpsuit | H&M
Cardigan | Unknown

Additional Items & Tips:

We had a gym on board, but I'll be honest I didn't go at all. I did bring some workout clothes and sneakers in case I felt ambitious any days. They provide you with a hair dryer in the room, so I only brought my hair products I needed. They also provide you with beach towels so no need to pack your own. Joe & I brought with us our filtered water bottles for the room. We really didn't need it since we had water bottles left in our room as well as included in our bar package. But if you like to drink out of your own bottle this is the way to go.  I actually forgot all my snacks I bought for the trip at home and wish I would of had them. Yes, there is always food available on the ship, but sometimes a girl just wants some pretzel M&M's or chocolate instead of  another burger or slice of pizza!! 
Every morning we started our day with popping pills.. our motion sickness pills that is! Even after we docked at the island it still felt like we were moving, so these came in good use. This was my first cruise and I was so worried about getting sick. But honestly most of the time, I didn't even realize I was on a boat!

Side note.. I went on a H&M shopping spree right before my trip, as you can see from all my tagged clothes! I do own other brands (insert monkey covering eye emoji!)

So are you ready to book your next cruise?! 

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