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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Weekend Rewind | October 2018

This past weekend we jammed in as many Fall adventures as we could! We started with a trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Of course Joey decided to fall sleep on the way there, so we had to take a detour and I ran into Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for an upcoming Bridal Shower. When we got to the pumpkin patch we decided to try Joey in the wagon instead of bringing the stroller. We didn't know if he would sit, but he surprised us and sat the whole time while holding on to his little pumpkin he picked out. We picked some apples & pumpkins, enjoyed apple cider donuts, and did a little wine tasting. We couldn't leave without of course feeding the goats and piglets. It was such a good time and I love watching Joey get to enjoy these sweet memories!

After the pumpkin patch we met some friends on Main Street at the annual Harvest Fest in downtown Bethlehem. Joey was obsessed with the mounted police that were walking around and had to pet them every time we saw them.  We had dinner at our favorite pizza shop and headed home to put Joey in bed by 8 pm since he didn't get a long nap during the day!

Joe went back out to a friends house to watch the fight and sad to say I turned on a DVR'd show to watch around 9, but don't even remember what the first segment was about- I was asleep!

Sunday, Joe's mom came up to hang with us for the day. We headed to downtown Easton for Garlic Fest. We love attending every year and getting garlic EVERYTHING. This year we enjoyed some homemade garlic butter sauce with poutine and pasta, garlic baked pretzels, french fries with cheese and garlic and  a garlic chicken wrap.  We finished with dessert and enjoyed a toffee and garlic cookie from our favorite bakery

The highlight of Joey's day was definitely the kids section in which he got to ride a mini horse. The look on his face says it all! 

Another great weekend in the books for us! Did you do anything fun this past weekend? Share with me in the comments below!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Halloween Book Nook

Over the Summer I put together a 'Book Nook' for Joey to enjoy seasonal books. I wanted to continue this tradition for the seasons and add to his book collection. I can't wait to collect and gain on his collection every year.  This kid loves books and when I can get him a new one to enjoy, makes me so, so happy! 

Books in Our Book Nook:

Some other great choices:

Pumpkin Garland | Target $ Section
Book Shelf | Target
Shirt | Old Navy
Jeans | Old Navy
Shoes | Converse

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

What I Use On My One and A Half Year Old's Skin

Everyone wants to use gentle products on their babies skin, it also helps that it's a trusted brand I use on my skin as well! I've used Aveeno products as long as I can remember and love that I can now take pride in using them on Joey. Like myself, Joey has sensitive skin so when I saw Aveeno baby was pediatrician recommended, I jumped on the opportunity to use it. 

Joey loves bath time, especially with his daddy! He loves to take all his toys out and play with them and splash around! We try to make bath time as much fun as possible so that Joey never has a bad experience and learns to 'hate' it. Using Aveeno baby wash and shampoo is perfect, because it's tear free in case he gets it in his eyes.. which with a wiggly baby- it happens!!

After bath time, we usually play a little before reading our books, having some water and getting ready for bed! Before I put Joey's PJ's on, I always put some Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion on him. It protects his delicate little skin from the tossing and turning he does over night as well!

Raise your hand if you're a mom and always carry face wipes in your purse! I swear no matter what Joey eats, without fail he gets it all.over.himself!!! One quick wipe with our Aveeno baby face and hand wipes and we are instantly clean!

Unlike other wipes I've used in the past, these do not have a fragrance in them, so I feel comfortable really wiping Joey down without him breaking out. And for a kid who hates his face getting wiped, it makes it a little less struggle since I can get him clean with just one wipe!!

I received these products from BrandBacker on behalf of Aveeno and I worked with AveenoUS to bring you this post. All opinions are my own!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Fall Porch 2018

Happy October ya'll! Can you believe how fast this year is going! This past weekend I decorated our fall porch and planted some mums in our flower bed in order to really get into the spirit. We are planning on going to the pumpkin patch next weekend, so you will notice the real pumpkins are missing. Put hey, I has to document my mums before their shrivel up and die!

I captured my little helper in most of these photos, too. He wanted to badly to pose for them!

Do you have a small porch that you decorate for fall? I'd love to see it, so leave your link in the comments below!

Wreathe | Home Goods
Olive Basket Planters | Amazon
Bronzed Pumpkin | Home Goods
Lanterns | Home Goods
Table | Kohl's
Wicker Chair | Pier 1
Blanket | Antique Store
Wooden Pumpkin Sign | Christmas Tree Shops
Metal Lawn Pumpkin | pumpkin Patch store
Basket | Antique Store
Mail Box | Pottery Barn
Metal Round Planter | Target
Grateful Sign | Home Goods

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

How We Snack While On the Go

This post is sponsored by Pearls® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We are always running one place or another, especially during the week. Joey isn't even old enough to be in sports or activities and we already are super busy, so I can only imagine once he gets to that age! Anyway, I love to keep some snacks for us while out running errands, heading to practice, meetings or even just packed for work!
I recently picked up these at the grocery store and am obsessed with them! They are convenient snacking for on the go or while running in between meetings while at work. 

The Italian Herb are soooo good! I can prolly eat this whole (4 pack) package in one sitting.. but let's not get carried away! Check them out today in your favorite grocery store!

And click HERE to get a special coupon code!!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What I Use to Get a White Smile + A Giveaway!

I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own!

Being a mom of a one and a half year old, I live on coffee (like 5 cups a day) until it's acceptable to drink red wine of course- kidding, or maybe not!! But both of those cause such stains on my teeth. I try to sip my coffee out of a straw when I have the opportunity, but typically I'm rushing to get out the door in the morning and just forget to grab one. When I was contact by Smile Brilliant I was so excited, because I knew this product was a perfect fit for me. With my busy schedule ahead, I am so happy that I don't have to worry about my smile, thanks to Smile Brilliant!

** Note these photos are NOT photoshopped or edited! They are pulled straight from my camera!
I've tried other over the counter whitening in the past, but none that I liked. I have sensitive teeth and my gums sometimes bleed when I brush them. I was a little hesitant that Smile Brilliant Whitening would make my gums even more irritated, but this product actually comes with a desensitizing gel to help with that! 

So let's talk about this process! Smile Brilliant will send you an at home kit to make your custom fitted trays. You receive a base (blue) and the catalyst (white) which you will mix together and put in your tray. You need to work quickly for this because once they combine they will immediaetly start to harden! once they are completely mixed, you fit in your tray and insert into your mouth. Let it stay for the given time and remove. Do the same with the uppers as the lowers- and THAT'S IT!! It's so super easy!!

Your kit will also come with prepaid packaging to send your trays back as well as your teeth whiting gel and desensitizing gel to use once you receive your molds back!

In a week or two, you receive your custom trays back and are ready to start the whitening process. The instructions are so easy to follow and you whiten with each tray from 45 minutes to 2 hours! You can use the whitening every day or every other day. I chose to do mine every other day, and used the desensitizing gel on my off days. My favorite time to whiten was after I put Joey to bed and was able to catch up on some DVR'd shows! You actually forget they are on that's how small the trays are, but I would set a timer- just in case! ha

I am seriously in love with my smile now! I used to be hesitant when flashing a big smile, what my teeth would look like considering all the coffee I drink. Whether you are looking for a huge improvement in whitening your teeth, or just to gain a little more confidence in your smile like me, I would definitely recommend giving Smile Brilliant a try!

Check out more of my before and after photos below! 

But that's not all! Our friends at Smile Brilliant want to give you the opportunity to get your own whitening kit! They graciously gave us this discount code for 15% off Use coupon code: ashleymaria15

..and do want a chance to win a $149 credit to get your own kit.. Enter the giveaway 

Be sure to tell me about your experience!! Comment below if you have ever used an at home teeth whitening before!
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