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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Valentine's for Toddlers and Teachers 2020

This year for Valentine's Day, Joey's class is really into it. They get to make their own mailboxes to put their Valentine's in and everything. So I wanted to make something non-candy for the kiddos and what 2-3 year old doesn't love dinosaur's? I made the cards and picked up the dino erasers at target. Which they have so many cute favors to grab some last minute ideas for!

Download your own DINO MITE card here!

Dinosaur Erasers
I attached the dinosaurs onto the card with some washi tape I had around the house. and since I know that kids love getting treats as well, I attached a pack of Muddy Buddy to the back with more washi tape!
For Joey's teachers, I found the cutest little teacher treats at Target. If you are looking for last minute teacher gifts, I found these on an end cap in the Valentine's section of our store! I also attached to them a Starbucks gift card and a card. 
Download the card here!

Teacher Pencils
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2019 Valentine's
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Winter Walmart Finds

While I was still pregnant and couldn't sleep at like 3am one night, I decided to peruse the Walmart website after I saw so many people getting finds on there. I did grab three difference pairs of black booties, knowing I would not keep them all. However at their price points I definitely could have kept all three.

Some things before I get started. I got my typical size in all these pieces. My bust is a 36D (hoping these bad boys go down now that baby is here!!) and I typically wear a small in tops. My shoe size is a true 8.

This jacket is so comfortable and I love that it is easy to throw on when going outside with the dog, picking up Joey from school or even just an extra layer in the house. The color is very unique which I love.  I am wearing a size small
also available in chocolate

This coat!! It isn't very heavy, so if you are looking for winter coat for snow or winter activities this wouldn't be your coat. However, if you size up and want to layer it would be perfect. It is available in so many other colors but I just love how this pink pops, since I have nothing like it!
also available in other colors

This plaid shirt looks a lot different in person then on the model online. I had intentions on returning it, but at the price point of less then $7.00 I decided to keep it. It is available in a lot of other colors and I think would look really cute front tucked like I have it or even tied in the front. You can pair with denim shorts in summer and even the faux spanx leggings.
available in a lot of other colors

I LOVE this dress! My only issue, is I wish that had it available in an xs because it hits long on me. I did bunch it a little and added a black belt and over the knee boots. This would make a great affordable outfit for Valentine's or GALentine's Day this weekend!
wish they had an xs
also available in other colors

At first I loved this sweater, but I did end of returning it. I have so many pullover sweaters that I didn't need another one. However the quality was great and the print is really fun!
available in other colors

I can't even tell you how many compliments I have received in the few times I have worn them already. They are becoming one of my favorite booties! And friends they are so dang comfortable because they have memory foam inside them!!

I ended up returning these. Personally to me the ankle looked a little cheap material, and I didn't like where they hit on my already short legs. Maybe if I had longer legs they would fit better?

These were super cute as well. But I really didn't need two pairs of black booties, so I decided to return. I would definitely recommend them though especially at the price point of $15.00!!!

Have you purchased anything from Wal Mart recently? Let me know in the comments!!

 When my mom complimented me on my outfit the other day and I told her multiple items were from Wal Mart, she couldn't believe I was wearing them. I definitely think they have stepped up their game trying to compete with Target and their designer pieces!

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Monday, February 10, 2020

What We've Been Up To | Our Year In Review 2019

So, I've been a little absent around here and for good reason! We took the Christmas Break off and then we welcomed our Newest babe in early January. Adjusting to a life with a toddler and a newborn has been obviously taking up most of my time. But I am ready to get back on here, because honestly, I've missed the blogging and sharing my life with you all!
Since I have been absent for quite some time, here is a little recap of our year which also includes our holidays, what we've been up to Don't worry, there will be a whole post about our new littlest guy in the weeks to come!

January 2019
In early January I threw my best friend her bachelorette weekend. It was so much fun, because we did dinner and drinks as well as a Barre3 class in our hometowns and then headed to New York City for a night in the city.
Also, in January our house had sold after being on the market since July 2018. We were scrambling trying to find the perfect home, and thought we were going to have to settle or move in with my parents. Then we found the literally perfect home with everything we could have dreamed of!
February 2019

We headed to Jamaica to celebrate my best friends wedding! It was so beautiful and it was great to get away to warmer temperatures and take a break from packing up our house to move. 

March 2019
WE MOVED!!! It was a weekend from hell- to say the least and filled with so many emotions. We had movers come on Thursday to pack up our home, Friday we closed on both houses and our belongings were suppose to be delivered on Saturday morning, however due to trouble with the moving companies truck, they called and told us they would not be coming until Tuesday. That was not going to happen, so after threatening and alot of yelling on my part, they agreed to come Sunday morning. Oh yeah, we also had two snow storms through the weekend, but we did it with the help from our family and friends and we love our new home! Which I just realized I never did a home tour still.. ya know pregnancy brain. So look forward to that to come in 2020!

April 2019

I shared our playroom on the blog, and looking now, so much has changed in there already! 

We celebrated Joey's 2nd birthday with a fireman theme birthday party! You can check out the whole post here!

May 2019
We offically open our pool for the summer, and kicked it off with our first party on Memorial Day weekend!

Summer 2019
The Summer was kind of a blur. We spent a lot of time by the pool, with friends, and getting the house in order!
Of course we worked the Funnel Cake stand again this year. 

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor, possible text that says 'BIG BROTHER LESSONS&25'
And had our big announcement in June on social media that Joey and Charger were going to be big brothers!
Over Labor Day weekend we had a gender reveal party with our friends and family and reveled to everyone baby Melch would be a BOY!

October 2019
We celebrated Trick or Treating in our neighborhood and it was so much fun! Joey was a ghost and charger was a ghost buster. 

November 2019
We took our annual Christmas/ Winter photos and this year they obviously included the bump!

December 2019 

I started my break from blogging, but we did ALL. THE. CHRISTMAS. THINGS!

Image may contain: 3 people, including Joe Melchionna, people smiling, people eating and food
The Polar Express with friends

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoor
Visit from Santa in the Fire Engine

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting
Annual visiting the Mall Santa with Gaga and Poppy

Image may contain: people standing
Bernard the Elf was up to no good in the house!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
Cookie baking!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
and of course Christmas eve and Morning!

I hope you all had a great 2019 and to many more blessings in 2020!

Christmas Card 2019

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Easy Lunch for Toddlers and School Age Kids

Raise your hand if you're a working mama and struggle to make lunches in the morning. Between running around trying to get yourself ready, your child out the door and home in order, lunches is the last thing I want to be doing. I do try hard to pack the night before, but most of the time I'm so exhausted from the day, I just want to go to bed. 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Women's Gift Guide | 2019

Can you believe there are only three weeks to Christmas. I feel as though there is so much hype and then it comes and goes. Not gonna lie, this year I'm counting down the days, because that means baby will be here that much quicker! Anyway, Joe asked me the other day for my annual list, and honestly I couldn't really think of things I needed. So this year I gathered up a list of items that make me feel good and that I can definitely put into use once I'm a mom of two! Maybe you will get some ideas for yourself or a friend or family member too!
Who doesn't love cozy slippers! I love that these have a hard sole, so if I need to chase after Charger in the yard, they won't get ruined!
Coffee Mug & Warmer
Mom of Two- Enough said. ha But how many times a morning do you warm up your coffee? This is keep your coffee nice and warm without throwing it back into the microwave!
Comfy Robe
I've never worn a robe around the house, but this looks so inviting and I love the teddy material of it that would be perfect for baby snuggling on chilly mornings.
Make Up Mirror
Thankfully our bathroom has great lighting, but I've had my eye on this make up mirror to use on my vanity so that I can sit down at it and get ready.
oNecklace Evil Eye Bracelet in Rose Gold
I was gifted this bracelet, however this was actually on my list this year!! I love the blue stone in the eyeball and that it is rose gold! It's so dainty, yet makes a statement.
Therapy Lamp
I'm thinking this will help me concentrate and get to work more easily especially once I start working from home part time after the baby is born.
Moravian Star
I've wanted one of these big Moravian Stars since we purchased our first home, and just haven't found one I liked. In case you didn't know, we live in Bethlehem, PA which is Christmas City, there is a giant Bethlehem Star on the mountain that shines every night, and Joe and I both graduated from Moravian College- So it has alot of sentimental value to us!
Smile Brilliant Kit (use code ashleymaria15 for 15% off!!!)
I can't wait to get back to whitening my teeth once the baby comes. I have been drinking alot of coffee and cherry coke (pregnancy craving) lately, so I want to remove all those stains! 
Check out the giveaway at the end of the post!!

This bracelet is the perfect addition to my every day pieces. I love that it is so danty and can be worn dressed down or up. 
  Thank you to ONecklace for gifting me- all reviews are my own!

Do you want to win your own Smile Brilliant whitening kit?? 

Enter HERE for your chance to win!

Check out the before and after's from the last time I tried the whitening kit!!

What are you asking for Christmas this year?

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Men's Gift Guide | 2019

Wooden Wrist Watch
Girls, I have rounded up a bunch of good finds for those hard to shop for guys in your life. And trust me, I have many of them.. ya know the ones that just want buy whenever they want something and don't ever give hints. Or the ones that have clothes hanging with tags from three Christmas's ago - cough cough (my husband!!) Anyway, I did get his help on the from him andddd I have an awesome idea giveaway for you with the help of my friends at Jord.
Cooper Mugs
I gifted these to my father in law a few years ago and uses them very often, even for non alcoholic drinks!
Yeti Cooler
This was Joe's big gift two years ago and he uses it for parties, tailgates, Trick or Treating (yes you read that right!!) and so much more! It def. holds all your ice and drinks cold!
Air Pods
These are so hot right now, and especially with the newest iphone that are a great gift!
Travel Toiletry Bag (Monogrammed)
This is a gift that is so simple, yet so many guys don't own! Also, shop small and purchase from a site like Etsy!
Whiskey Decanter Set
This is a fun gift for the guy who likes to sip on whiskey. It's prolly something they would never purchase for themselves, and classes up any bar area.
Sphere Ice Mold
Going along with the whiskey and bourbon theme, these are perfect for your guys glass.
Personalized Bottle of Bourbon
I thought this was the coolest item and couldn't believe you could find it on Amazon! I think this would look so cool on a bar top or even kitchen top since it's personalized!
Portable Cigar Pouch
Usually Joe will bring cigars when we go to weddings or away for the wedding, and this is great to place them in for travel.
Thermal Socks
I got these for all the guys in my family this year. My two brothers and dad work outside alot so they will love these and Joe will put these in handy during snow blowing or even just the chilly winter weekends!
Jord Apple Watch Band 
This watch band is so.dang. good you guys! I got Joe an apple watch a few years ago for his birthday, and honestly he never really wears it out because it was 'too sporty looking' and preferred other watches on the weekends. Until now! This leather band definitely classes up the watch head and I love that it comes from a Family owned business! These fit even the newest Apple watch. It comes in 6 vibrant flat leather options with stainless steel coordinating classic buckle style clasps.

your own Jord Apple Watch Band!
I am a Jord partner. This watch band was gifted to me for review, but all opinions are my own!
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