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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It's So Important To Wash Your Face At Night

Do you ever find yourself coming home after a long night and just wanting to crawl into bed. I'm talking stripping off your clothes, putting on your pj's and just hopping right into your sheets. Well I have.. numerous times! But not anymore! No matter how tired I find myself, I will always wash my face before going to bed. It makes me feel better- especially the next morning.

The smell of Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit is so good! I makes me so excited to wash my face! 

Do you have a favorite face wash? Let me know in the comments! This is definitely at the top of my list!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

2018 Christmas Gift List Printable

The holidays are upon us and we are all trying to make that list and check it twice. Raise your hand if you've gotten to the week of Christmas and realize you forgot to get a gift for someone, or spent way to much money on someone? I am raising my hand way high on this one! I'm a huge list maker for everything, errands I have to run, cleaning schedules, work to-do lists, but when it comes to Christmas gifts, it seems I always veer off the path. 

So I thought, maybe if I have a cute list, I will actually stick to it this year! So, far, so good and I already have been starting to purchase my gifts this year, and not wait til the last minute!

Download your own list HERE
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Friday, November 9, 2018

Five on Friday

It has been a busy week! So Happy Friday, I sure am very happy to see you. 

one. I recently took up reading books again. I had stopped when Joey arrived since all my spare time I tried to use wisely with ya know things like cleaning or sleeping. But since Joey is on a pretty regular schedule, once he goes to bed I now pick up a book instead of scrolling social media or browse through shows on the DVR.
I started this book and it was slow at the beginning. I wasn't too sure about it, but then I got hooked. I felt myself hurrying to clean up dinner or finish laundry so that I would be able to read the next chapter. I actually stayed up late this week just to finish the book! I definitely recommend it. It's about a young journalist who gets a trip of a lifetime to go on the maiden voyage of a new small cruise ship. While on the ship one things leads to another and she may or may not witness a murder. You'll have to read the book to know what really happens. 

two. During my last trip to Trader Joe's I picked up this pumpkin cream cheese spread. I kept forgetting to pick up bagels to use it on until this week. It is so good. I typically don't like pumpkin flavored food, but this is so subtle that the taste isn't strong at all.

three. Over the weekend we attended Bacon Fest in Easton, PA.  Joey loved the bacon cake pops, bacon fries but mostly the pig balloons decking the streets. We popped into the Crayola Factory gift shop as well to pick up a few things as well as some stocking stuffers for save for Christmas!

four. Joey has been having a rough time these past two weeks with his 'canine' teeth poking through. He requires lots of cuddles, hugs and books, which this mama doesn't mind one bit!

five. Over at the Ash's Party Accents headquarters, I am hard at work perfecting everything in order to release our Holiday Collection next weekend. If you are looking for anything custom, be sure to message me and get your orders in soon- we are booking up on custom orders!

Hope you have some fun plans this weekend!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

DIY Eucalyptus Hanging Hoops

I originally started this project for a bridal shower I was hosting, but ended up not using them where I wanted to. Instead I knew these would be perfect hanging in my bedroom. They are simple yet cause a statement. 

These really are so simple to use and only use a few supplies


Hot Glue


Start by cutting your faux eucalyptus into small. I cut by the stems and then layered them on the hoop to see what they looked like.

Once I decided how many per hoop to add, I started tying them on tightly with twine. I used green twine, but you can also use fishing wire to hide it. 

To hide the ending I clipped a single leave and hot glued it onto the stems. 

Cut any remaining twine that it sticking out. To hang on a wall use finishing nails and some additional twine. 

I love how this art turned out! Let me know if you make your hope hanging hoop design!
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia | Kids Holiday 2018

When I heard Chip and Jo were putting out an affordable line at Target last Spring I was so, so excited. But, I was a little disappointed on the price points and items. There was nothing that jumped out to me that I had to have or even really wanted. The only thing I ended up purchasing from the line were a few dish towels that matched my kitchen theme. 

In their 2017 holiday collection I ended up getting this coveted wreath for my kitchen to garage door, oh and I think an ornament or two! However, this year year I'm actually really excited with the release of their collection and actually went online bright and early this morning to purchase Joey some Christmas gifts from their Holiday gift collection! We wanted to get him a kitchen since loves playing with all our real pots and pans and kitchen gadgets, but at this point don't have room for a big one. When I saw the Hearth and Hand kitchen with matching fridge, I knew it would be perfect for him.. and NOT girly like most! 

Barn with Animals

Hurry, because these are selling out quick! What do you have on your list this year?

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

2018 Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween ALL!!

 This year we had one costume picked out from months ago, we just didn't start putting them together until last minute! 

Then we went to Target.. and we saw this Tractor costume and we knew we had to get it. Our obsession with tractors is real ya'll!

Where we live in Bethlehem, Trick or Treating is always held the Friday before Halloween. SO Friday, I broke Joey out of school early and we headed to our friends Katie and Garrett's house to hang out with them and their son Declan.  We then went to Katie's sister's house and met up with a whole other group of kiddo's to roam the street's with.

One Sunday, Trick or Treating was held in my parents town. For this day we got Charger in on the fun. Joey was a cop and Charger was a robber. 

Tractor Costume | Target
Overalls | Old Navy
Waffle Crew Neck | Old Navy
John Deer Hat | gifted
Pumpkin Basket | Pottery Barn Kids-Sold out (similar)
Police Vest | Amazon
Police Accessories | Etsy
Charger's Costume | Michael's

 Previous Years:
2013 Halloween  | 2017 Halloween
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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why Layering is the Best Solution for Fall

Here in PA it seems as though it went from the heat of Summer directly to Winter. Just two weekends ago, we attended a festival and were sweating our booties off and now this weekend they are calling for a potential Nor'Easter. COOL. Even through the temperatures are so unpredictable, I don't hate being able to pull out all my cozy layers now that temps are dropping. 

Being a working mom, on the weekends I like to stay cozy to clean the house, play with Joey or even run errands. I need to be able to move easily yet look chic and feel comfortable!  Best part is Cuddle Duds offer so many great options for the Fall into Winter weather. 

I don't know about you, but with this weather, one minute I'll be cold and the next I'll be running after Joey and sweating! With my new Cuddl Duds layers, taking them on and off makes it so easy!

Now is the best time to stock up on your favorites whether it is Loungewear, a Base Layer
or even thermal underwear when you're outside chasing those kiddo's!

And here's your chance to score big with a special Kohl's offer for 30% off women’s warmwear

This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
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