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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Why You Should Always Wear Sunscreen

I have freckles. I've had them since I can remember, and also since I remember I've hated them! I know most people say they are so cute, or they bring character- but for me, they are a pain in the put. Knowing that I am so susceptible to getting a sunburn due to my freckles, I always wear sunscreen!

Whenever I go on a trip, or know I'll be outside whether at a sporting event, shopping or just walking around for a period of time, I always through a smaller bottle of sunscreen in my purse! Here are some reasons why I always wear sun screen..

Prevents Premature Aging

I don't know one person who would want to age faster. I can't imagine what I will look like with wrinkles, but I'm not ready to find out anytime soon! Neutrogena is helping me with not finding out with new Hydro Boost Sunscreen, a sunscreen that feels nothing like what you think a sunscreen should feel like!   I love putting on a sunscreen that feel likes I'm not wearing any, and Neutrogena's Hydro Boost is oil-free and non-comedogenic which will reduce your face getting blothy spots from being out in the sun!

Offers Better Protection Then Clothes

Did you even think 'I'm wearing long sleeves, so I can't get burned' I have too. But unless you are wearing clothing with special SPF protection, you can still get burned through them. 

Lowers Skin Cancer Risk

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year then any other kind. With advanced formula, Neutrogena Hydro Boost delivers both hydration and protection – it goes on easily and absorbs into the skin quickly, all while delivering vital moisture to the skin for an instant boost in the skin’s appearance.

I received these samples free from Brand Backer, however all opinions are my own!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Weekend Recap | September 2018

Another weekend that flew by. We were lucky to spend this weekend celebrating two of our friends tying the knot! But let's get right to other highlights too!
Thursday Night the Eagles played! Joey was a trooper and stayed up until 8:30.. the game was delayed, so it didn't even start until after 9pm. I lasted until about half time, and went to bed. This girl can not hang!
Friday Joey got picked up from school by Grammy and Poppy and I rushed home from work to get ready for our friends rehearsal dinner! Thankfully, Joe was able to make the rehearsal in time (he was a groomsman) and I just met him at the restaurant after! It was fun to have a nice meal sans little Joey stealing my food! After the dinner, we went back to our friends house who were getting married and had some drinks with others around the bon-fire in their backyard! 

Saturday I made an early Target run and Joe headed to get ready with the fellow groomsman. Since Joey wasn't home I went into crazy cleaning mode and cleaned for a good four hours straight, moving furniture, dusting everything, vacuuming, scrubbing, rearranging- you name it! It felt so good to come home to a clean house that night. By time I was done cleaning I jumped in the shower and quickly got ready for the wedding. I Ubered over to my friend Cait's house so that we could go together. Despite the drizzle rain and sinking into the grass with my heels, it was such a beautiful ceremony and wedding! The wedding was held near our house at a local county club, so we didn't stay overnight, however we did go back and hang at the hotel bar- because hey, why not!

 Sunday  Joe and I went for breakfast at Billy's and ran a few errands before my parents dropped Joey off. It was only in the 60's on Sunday, which was perfect for the first Sunday of football. While running errands we stopped at Fresh Market to pick up some food for later. I also picked up these adorable plats and napkins in the dollar section at Target! We spent the rest of the day lounging around the couch watching football and playing with Joey.

Another great weekend in the books for us!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Graduation Book + Teacher Gift Printable

As most mother's are getting ready or have sent their kids back to school, in the world of day care it is a little different timing. Joey technically is starting his new classroom so we are still celebrating 'back to school' with him, but we also are saying bye to our old infant room teachers. I found this graduation book on Pinterest and knew I wanted to start this for Joey. 
I started by purchasing the book Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss in a hardcover, so that it will last. I then found the matching tag in the dollar section at Target and printed my little question for his teacher on it. Lucky you, I created this printable below for you to print your own at home!

I plan on giving this book with little note to his teachers at the end of each year to write a little note. My hopes are to continue this all the way through til he graduates high school- which I can't even imagine that at this time! 

I also gave all his teachers a personalized tumbler and gift card to Starbucks! I put them in bags with their names and attached this tag!

But wait, you can get your own download of this tag! Just simply write in your child's name!

Do you want to print your own note for the graduation book?

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Back to School with Scout + a Giveaway

It's that time of year again. Places like Target and Wal Mart are stocked up with number 2 pencils and notebooks and also screaming kids and stressed out parents! Luckily, Joey is too young to be shopping for all those supplies, but he is starting a new classroom in his 'school' next week. We went shopping for some new big boy clothes and shoes. But I also took the opportunity to get myself a new lunch bag to bring with me to work. 
This bag is so functional for me to put all my lunch essentials in for work. With back to school in full swing, I like to try and start new habits as well. I meal planned on Sunday and went grocery shopping to stock up for the week. Some of our favorite things to make for lunch include salads with chopped chicken, peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, Uncrustables with Nutella filling, and some rissoto or pasta warmed up.

As most of you already know, I work full time while also raising my almost 1 1/2 year old. What some of you may not know though, is that part time I also coach cheerleading at my college I graduated from. With back to school in full swing, that means going non- stop until late at night. Busy mornings getting Joey ready for the day, usually mean me throwing in something to my Scout bag to munch on for breakfast when I get to my office. 

This Scout bag is the perfect size to not only fit my breakfast and lunch but also to hold a snack for the time between work during the day and heading straight to practice. 

I believe every working mom needs to have a cute lunch box like this. It makes me excited to pack my lunches whether at night or in the morning and that prepares me for a successful day! 

Today I've got a giveaway to win a Scout 'Doggie Bag' Lunch Box in color Alice
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Want to get your own Scout Bag?  They are offering my followers 10% off your purchase of $50+ with code SCOUTINGFORSCHOOL
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

That Time We Put Our House For Sale

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my Five for Friday stories that we planted a St. Joseph statue, because we put our house on the market. Well I haven't really gone into detail about that because despite having so. many. showings.- we've had no offers still. 

General sense we are getting, 'beautiful home' 'great showing' 'so cozy' 'but, too small for our growing family' Which I get, I mean that's why we are looking to move! But come on people. You know the third bedroom is on the first floor from our listing. You know the square footage of the house. and you know there is a tiny garage with room for one car and then additional street parking. At this point I'm a little discouraged because it's been on the market a little over a month, and I thought for sure it would have an offer by now!

Anyway, here is a tour of our home from the photo shoot with the realtor- and plus I don't think my house has EVER been this clean before!!

Front & Patio

Living Room

Guest Bedroom/ Office



Downstairs Bath

Our Bedroom

Joey's Bedroom

Upstairs Bath

If you are looking for any sources, they most likely have been linked in a post previous, but just shoot me an email or comment below!!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekend Happenings | August 2018

Gosh, where is the time going! I can't believe some schools are back in session, while others are preparing to go back. We had another busy weekend trying to jam in as much time as we can before our lives get hectic again with schedule changes.

Friday I rented this super cute skirt this week, and it was perfect to wear to work. I paired it with my new favorite sandals and a basic green tank, along with my own braided leather belt. I got so many compliments on it. 

at night we walked down to our city's biggest event - Musikfest. This year it rained a couple days, so we tried to go whenever we could. We stopped into our college's Book Store and got Joey his first 'Greyhound' - Mo! He loved that thing, but not as much as the Penn State Creamery ice cream he got from Hotel Bethlehem.

this picture was actually from Thursday night when we went down to Musikfest with some friends, but I loved the way Joey was so focused on some little kids that were playing in the courtyard!

saturday I had try outs for cheerleading for the 2018-2019 season. We have 13 girls on the squad this year and I'm so excited to get the new season started!

Joe took Joey to his mom's house and out for dinner so I grabbed drinks and dinner with Amy and two other of her bridesmaid to talk about her upcoming wedding in Jamaica! I can't believe it's so soon!!

Sunday Joey slept in which was great because I can not hang as late as I thought and was so exhausted from the night before.  We had a low key Sunday and snuck in a early dinner with my in laws between rain showers!

and that's a wrap on the weekend! Hope you all did something fun!

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Five on Friday

Another week down, another day closer to Summer ending. I don't know about you, but I hate to see Summer end. I do love fall colors and activities, but the fact the days get shorter, the temps start to drop and soon the white stuff will be falling (at least in PA) makes me want to savor every last bit of those Summer days. 

I guess you can call this week's Five on Friday, more like JOEY ON FRIDAY since it's only his world, and we just live in it!!

one. Joe spent the weekend at a bachelor party in West Virgina, so it was just me and Joey and Charger. Saturday morning Joey and I went to a little date for breakfast to Chick Fil A. We also got a platter of chicken mini's (which if you have never tried, you are missing out!!) and brought them over to our friends Zack and Cait's to see our new little best friend, Brayden! 
Shirt | Janie & Jack
Shorts | Gap 

two. On Sunday, we celebrated one of Joey's best girl's little Miss Killian with a monster bash themed party! Buttercups Bakery knocked it out of the park with these monster cupcakes and rice crispy treats! 
Shirt | Carter's
Shorts | Old Navy
Suspenders | Target $ Spot
Shoes | Target
three. I finally caved and busted out the ball pit and maze for Joey. Surprising it wasn't as messy and hard to clean up as I thought! The maze comes in different pieces and fold up to little circles, and there are only about a dozen or so balls.I snapped these pictures of Joey walking and couldn't believe what a big boy he looks!

four. Since it's been so hot in PA we cashed in on some much need pools days. This picture my mom snapped of Joey in our cousins pool. I can't tell if he's thrilled to be in it or wants to get out of that float so bad. On Tuesday, we got some pool time in with our favorite girl Killian too at her nana's pool.

five. This week we had an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist appointment. Before I get into it, I must say, Joey is 100% fine!! At his 15 month check up, the physician's assistant heard a heart murmur, which isn't uncommon for babies, but since no one has heard it before this alarmed her. She sent us a referral to a ped's cardiologist to have them check it out. They weren't able to fit us in until August so to say I was worrying for over a month was an under statement. This week finally was the appointment and Joey did great. He got poke and touched and took it all like a champ. The doctor even said he did great for his age, and was probably the best 1 year old they've ever had. Poor little guy had a EKG and Ultrasound on his little body and stood still through the whole thing... which is something that NEVER happens! When the doctor came in after and almost hour and half appointment and said everything looked normal and that he has what the call an 'innocent heart murmur' was music to my ears. I had such a sign of relief. 
So for my rambling.. to all you mam's out there with babies that have serious conditions I don't know how you do it. Until I heard the doctor actually say he's 100% healthy I was a wreck. I definitely will be saying an extra prayer for you all out there. 

Hope you all had a great week too!
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