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Saturday, March 9, 2019

5 Tips for Moving

As promised a few weeks ago, I wanted to share with you some of the tips I have learned from moving over the years. Although I have moved a few times within the last couple of years, this by far is my biggest one.
My Past Moves:
2010- From my college apartment back to my parents house
2013- From my parents house to a small apartment with my friend Amy
2014- From the apartment into Joe's apartment
2015- From our two bedroom apartment to our first house
2019- From our first house to our NEW home


I've never hired movers before, but this time it was a no brainer. We are moving from a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fully furnished home and basement.  Every room has large pieces of furniture and we just knew we wouldn't be able to do it alone. We got three to four quotes from companies and finally decided on one with the best pricing and insurance (which I think it a must!!).  

I purchased these labels and it made everything so much easier. On the labels you can mark how many boxes of each you have.. in case one goes missing! Besides the labels, I did add onto the boxes a little description as to what was in (example: good dishes, hand towels, under the sink products). I just knew that I would not be opening every box the day after moving, so at least with the labels, we can get into the necessary boxes. The day of moving, I color coated a sheets to let the movers and those helping know which room was which! 


This kinda goes along with the labeling of everything, but say you have something you are looking for, you can go to your master list and see what box exactly it is in. If you want to be real excessive, you can write down literally everything in a box, but I generalized (example: BEDROOM: box 4 of 10 has candle holders, candles and wall decor.)


Joe works for a beer wholesaler, so we tend to have a lot of both glasses and six pack carriers in the house. Last time we moved, I thought of the idea of using these instead of wrapping up every dang piece of glass. This won't work for all glasses, especially those with big bottoms like wine glasses, but for pint it works perfect. I was able to put four of my good glassware in each carrier and then stuck other things in the remaining two slots (example, shot glasses, wine openers, etc) This may not save you space, but will def save you time, and will stop from the glasses clanking together and potentially breaking!


Every time you receive an amazon box or something shipped through the mail that is a significant size, save it! Boxes are expensive to just end up being thrown out or recycled anyway after your move. Thankfully, the company I work for harbors lots of boxes in our warehouse, so I got all different sizes. We did however purchase wardrobe boxes and they are a game changer. We purchased them last time we moved as well and they made moving our clothes so much easier. I also got these for our plates and bowls and they saved a lot of time not having to wrap each one up!

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Jamaica Trip | 2019

You may know by now, that by following me on instagram that Joe and I were in Jamaica two weeks ago. We went because I was the maid of honor in my best friends wedding held on Saturday, February 9.  We've never been to Jamaica before, so Joe and I were excited for this little vacation.

We left on Wednesday morning from Newark and arrived before schedule in Jamaica around noon. We got our transfer from the airport to the hotel and headed to our resort Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay.
Top | Size Small
Pants (fit just like LuluLemon Align Pants!!!) | Size Small

Even though we were early arriving, we were able to get into our room. We quickly checked-in, headed to our room and changed into our suits in order to get as much pool and sun time as possible!

I'm obsessed with this suit I bought on a whim right before we left. 
Top | Size Medium
Bottom | Size Small
Shorts | Size 2
Hat (sold out) Similar
Bag | One Size

For dinner Wednesday night we had hibachi at Himitsu. There was a total of 10 of us for dinner that night, and the only downfall is non of the restaurants take reservations.

Jumpsuit | Size Small

On Thursday, Joe and I went to breakfast and then saved our chairs by the pool. We wanted to soak in the sun and the pool gets very crowded.
Top | (last season) Similar Size Medium
Bottom (last season) Similar | Size Small
Cover-up | One Size (sold out) Similar

Thursday night we went to dinner with a party of 17 to the Jamaican cuisine restaurant, Blue Mountain.
Skirt | Size 4
Top | Size Small

Friday morning started with breakfast at the World Cafe followed by a walk on the beach with Joe.

Followed by a quick photo shoot with my girl Sharon!

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at the same spot the reception was held on the grounds. 
Dress | Size 4

Can you believe we all picked out our own gowns and they aren't from the same company! On the left is Lulu's and the two on the right are from Show Me Your MuMu

It was such a beautiful ceremony on the beach followed by the reception on the grassy area. 

My Dress | Size 4 
(runs a little snug in chest)

Sunday afternoon we left to come home to PA where we were greeted with snow and a locked garage door- in which I had to crawl through a window to get inside. Can't wait for it to be warm in PA and celebrate this marriage again in MAY!

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Goodbye Home Sweet Home

If you read this post, then you know we were selling our our house and over the holidays it sold. It had been a long time coming, since it was on the market in July 2018, so when an offer came through and it was asking price- we jumped on the opportunity. One little problem- we had no where to go. We looked and kinda 'settled' and put offer on two different houses. Thankfully the offers weren't accepted, because our new house we found, is everything we were looking for. I can't wait to share it with you all.
Anyway, just as excited as I am to sell the house and move into our new perfect home, it also makes me so sad thinking about all the life events, sweat, tears and dirty diapers that happened in our little home. 

Here are some of my favorites..

I will miss this little house that we turned into a home! It's the first home we owned, fully furnished, and spent time and money on significant renovations. We got married, learned we were pregnant and had so many ups and downs.

This was Joey's first ever home. We created him his nursery and playroom (aka the living room). We played in the yard and handed out candy to trick or treaters. We fought through colds, and therapy sessions for his tortacolis. There was sleepless nights and so many belly giggles. We went through so many diapers, rash cream and clothes. 

We got our fur baby Charger here. There was the pee stains on the old carpets from when Charger was being house trained. The barking at the neighbors as they tried to enjoy their morning coffee on their patio. The constant barking at the leaves blowing outside from the thunderstorm and the chasing of the baby bunnies that every Spring would inhabit our backyard.

We became Mr. and Mrs. in this little place. Joe and his groomsmen got ready right in these rooms. We had numerous parties here and hosted wonderful holiday's. 

I know it's onto bigger and better things, but let me just reminisce at some of my favorites..
Living Room
My Office
You can check out the home tour from this summer here

You will always hold a special place in my heart 1527 Shipman, but now onto a two car garage, formal dining room, and an actual play room with a door to shut out all those dang toys!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fight the Winter Blues with Aubio

If winter is not bad enough already, two things are constant for me during these brutal months. Dry skin and cold sores. 
Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Aubio and this was a game changer for those dang cold sores that come with the annoying winter. 
As soon as I feel as though one is showing it's nasty head, I immediately apply to that area. 

Your face is the first thing people usually see on you, don't let them see an awful cold sore! Hydrate and use Aubio in order to keep them at bay!

I definitely recommend keeping this tube around during those pesky winter months. 

This post was sponsored by BrandBacker, but all opinions are my own!
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Monday, February 18, 2019

President's Day Sales Round Up | 2019

I hope you get to enjoy a long weekend, if you celebrate President's Day off of work. I am currently sitting in my office, because this is not a paid holiday for my company! It's very quiet, so I am able to get a lot done! I thought I would round up some of the best sales I've seen going on today, in case you want to get a head start on Spring shopping!

For The Family

Old Navy | 50% off all Sweaters and Additional 35% off online order

H&M | 30% off $200, 20% off $100 & 10% off $50 + free shipping with code 3337

Gap | 40-60% off everything + extra 20% off with code LAYERINON


Joss & Main | Extra 20% off with code STARS + up to 80% off

Target | up tp 25% off home with code HOME  + additional 15% off curtains, indoor rugs and outdoor furniture

Pottery Barn | 20% off sitewide + free shipping with code WEEKEND

Crate & Barrel | Free Shipping on Orders of $49+


Hannah Anderson | 25%  off everything

Janie & Jack | up to 70% off + 20% off purchase 


Lilly Pulitzer | Gifts with Purchase over $75
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Monday, February 11, 2019

Valentine's Experiences

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other? Joe and I really aren't that into it. For the past 8 years, we've always done something low key. Our tradition is usually stay home and Joe treats me to my favorite meal- Chicken Marsala. Here are some date night ideas that are experiences instead of the usual gifts for dinner dates.

To find something closer to you.. simply type in the class 'near me' into a google search and it will find it for you!

Dinner Making Classes
Sushi Making
Escape Room
Sign Making
Wine Tasting at local winery
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Monday, February 4, 2019

Morning Skin Routine

This post is sponsored by Bioré, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I'm sure everybody has their own routine of their own way they get ready in the morning. I typically do the same exact thing every morning, except maybe not wearing make up on weekends!

I was lucky enough growing up, I never really had breakouts. I find I may get one pimple here or there and maybe a patch of flare up, but that's it. However, since I never experience them, when I do get that pimple.. I try and get rid of it ASAP!

Thanks to Bioré for giving my the chance to try their Bioré Witch Hazel Toner this has helped to get rid of those pest breakouts!

I simply apply my Biore Witch Hazel to my face before putting on my makeup and it helps me stay fresh all day! Once it's dry then I start my makeup routine like normal. 

Not all pore strips work like Bioré® Pore Strips! Unlike other pore strips, Bioré® Witch Hazel Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips use a blend of C-bond technology to safely remove dirt, oil, and blackheads. These strips work like a super magnet, locking onto and lifting out deep-down dirt, oil, and EVEN blackheads from your most clogged pores. Bioré® Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are the trusted, dermatologist-tested way to purify pores. 

Be sure to check out these Biore products at your local Wal Mart!

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