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Monday, April 22, 2019

The Yoga Pants Match Up

For a few months now, I've been trying out a new pair of pants to see what they fit like since I have been a die hard Lululemon Align pants girls for a few years now. I purchased my first pair when I was pregnant with Joey and was looking for something that would hold in my belly but I would be able to still wear after I delivered him. These were the perfect choice- and I got my normal size.. didn't even have to go up a size (I will say my belly was pretty small until right before the end). 

I tried on both pairs for you to see. Both are very flattering and forgiving. Both feel like wearing butter and both are non- see through. 

Aerie Play Real Me High Waisted

I am obsessed with these pants. 
  • They feel like you are not wearing anything. 
  • They have great support to tuck everything in. 
  • These pants a 1/3 of the competitors price
  • Have logo on the upper back waist
  • Not see through

Lululemon Align Pants

  • They feel like you are not wearing anything. 
  • They have great support to tuck everything in. 
  • Close to $100 per pair
  • Have logo on the upper back waist
  • Not see through
  • Material started to 'pill' on thighs

Honestly, there is not much difference between these pants besides the price. I have found that the Lulu pants started to pill- but I have had some pairs for two years. They both wash great and fold their shapes. I never wear crop shirts so the logo in not a priority to me.

Lululemon | Align Pants

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Amazon Clothes Round Up | Spring 2019

Lately I have been buying more clothes and accessories from Amazon then any other retailer! The items come next - second day in the mail, the prices are great and there is such an easy return policy!

Here are some of my latest finds that I am loving.

Sold out in cabana blue, but lots of other colors available | True to Size- wearing Small
I was a little nervous putting this on because I have a short torso and wasn't sure how the high waist would hit, but I think it is so flattering! The coverage on the back is great and I would definitely feel comfortable chasing after Joey around the pool in this! There is cups also in the top which is a plus!

Comes in lots of different colors including jumpsuits. | True to Size wearing a small
 I ordered a jumpsuit as well, but it hasn't come in yet. I love that it can be worn off the shoulder like I have it here, or you can button the back and wear it closed. This is so comfy and easy to throw on while running errands or a day at the park with Joey.

Comes in five different colors | Runs big wearing a small, but wish they had xs
So easy to throw on for work or night out. Pair with heels or sandals. I wish this came in and xs but will keep the small for a loose fit.

Fits loose | Wearing size small
I love the boho look of this. Definitely wear a bralette or nude bra under because the material and braid is see through. I like the look of it tucked into denim but equally as cute out too!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas | 2019

Even though Easter is late this year, I am glad because that gives us some time between Joey's birthday and the holiday so there aren't so many gifts at the same time! If you are late gathering things, all these items can be picked up at your local Dollar Stores, Target, Barnes and Nobles!

This year I did more 'educational' or necessity things! Top on the list was books of course because the kid loves 'reading' them all. Most he picked out at Barnes and Nobles when we went. All other items are from Target! 

Some Gift Ideas:

Bubble Bath
Crayons and Art Supplies
Movies or TV Series
Bathing Suits
Pool/ Swimming Toys

 Basket | Pottery Barn (similar)

Previous Basket Ideas
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Easter- Spring Book Nook | 2019

Since moving to the new house, I didn't really know where I wanted to put Joey's seasonal book nook. Besides the books we read at night, alllllll of the books are downstairs in the playroom. I didn't want them to get lost, but at the same time be able to sit in his reading chair to look through the books. 
I ended up (for now) turning the top half of his book case into our book nook. I think it's okay for now, but do have to figure out another way to separate it for the future nooks!


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Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Looks From American Eagle Outfitters & Aerie

True life I used to work at American Eagle.. from when I was a freshman in college until a few years after I graduated, I lived that AEO lifestyle. I started as a sales associate and worked my way up to a keyholder and then assistant manager. Sadly, my small store decided to close, and soon after that almost every other store in that little mall closed too. I declined a transfer to another store for the job I have now, that I absolutely love and couldn't imagine doing retail again. 

So needless to say, after I left the store, I HATED paying full price for clothes that I used to get for 50-75% off!! But recently, I started looking online and waiting for sales and picked up some pieces that were so darn cute not to share with you.

I've always been obsessed with leopard print, so I knew I needed this boxy top. The material is a mixture and is so comfy and soft. I think I will definitely be having this in my rotation all spring and summer. You can dress it up with black jeans and heels or throw on a pair of cut offs and converse.  Leopard Tee | True to size wearing a small

I was disappointed in these mules.First off go up a half a size, because my foot is hanging off the back. Secondly I thought the light pink color would be so pretty, but they are more of a orange then a pink color. I love the brown color, but will have to exchange for a different size  Woven Mule (Light Pink)Woven Mule (Tan) | Size up 1/2 size | Wearing size 8 would need 8.5

I picked up this tank even though I have a very similar one from Free People I got last summer. I most likely won't keep this since I do have the other one, but I think the quality and look is great. I would also do up a size, since I don't really like things that tight during the summer months. Tank | Wearing size XS

I actually purchased this tank in numerous colors, because they are my go to with either shorts and jeans during summer. They are just so easy to wear and could be dressed up or down. Tank | Wearing size small- fits TTS

This fleece is so comfy. I can definitely see wearing it during cooler nights, or hanging around the pool. You can pull it off one shoulder or wear as is. Beach Fleece | Wearing size Small & Over sized

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Five on Friday

I can't really tell if this week flew by because of how busy I was or if it dragged? Ya ever get to Friday and be like wow, thank goodness you are here!

Anyway, here are some of the highlights from this past week! It was Joey's birthday week, as you can tell this should prolly be called the Joey Five on Friday this week!

one. I meant to post about this book a few weeks back, and just completely forgot. I started reading it while in Jamaica, but with moving I had packed it up. When we got to the new house, this is one of the first things I unpacked, since I couldn't wait to dive back in. Friends, it's so good.. I couldn't put it down, and the bags and dark circles under my eyes would prove it. 

From the Back Cover

two. Monday was Joey's second birthday, and boy did that year fly by! To celebrate I took the day off and went to the local zoo, out to lunch and then played outside in his new playhouse since it was close to 80 degrees!

three.  As you may have noticed in all my pictures of Joey lately, he is so into wearing backwards hats. I caught this picture the other night of him sitting at the island counter and he looked like such a big kid. Everyday he gets smarter and wiser and is now putting together sentences. It scares me yet makes me so happy to see him growing up!

four. He is also soooo into tractors. would prefer to play with them then anything else, and it doesn't help my parents got him his own motorized one to play with. This kid never wants to come inside anymore. On Wednesday night we took a trip to Lowe's to get some plants, and I purposly parked in the garden section so we didn't have to pass the John Deere tractors parked outside. Welp, of course he spotted them from across the parking lot. We went to just look, but he had to climb on it and then I had to physically pull him off kicking and screaming back to the car. life is hard.

five. Thursday at Joey's school was an art gallery of some of their projects they've worked on this week. When I first saw his art, I laughed because it looked like boobs to me, then I read the caption its actually a cat cookie cutter.. sure, whatever you say!

Hope everyone had a great week!

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Fireman Theme Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Joey's second year with a Fireman Theme Birthday Party! Right now he is obsessed with trucks, cars, tractors and anything and everything that moves. He has so many firetrucks that he zooms around the house and does that whistles sounds with, we felt this was a perfect theme for him to celebrate with. 

This year we decided to have his party at a local brewery, that makes the best gourmet pizza's and appetizers called Birth Right Brewing  Since most of our friends have kids, we tried to keep it smaller, but man did I love seeing all the kids running around the room!

Before the party even started, while I was setting up; he of course stole a cookie off the dessert table and devoured it in no time!

I am so happy I am able to throw Joey these parties and to capture all these moments for him to look back on. Poor little guy didn't get a nap to fell asleep at 6:30 that night and didn't wake up until 8am the next morning! I think he had a great time xo


Joey's Outfit: Amazon
Boots: Amazon
Marshall Hat: Kohl's
Cupcake Picks: Amazon
Table Clothes: Amazon
Fire Hydrant Cups: Oriental Trading Company
Popcorn Boxes: Amazon
Tags & Signs: Ash's Party Accents
Cupcake Stand: Oriental Trading Company
Dessert Plates: Target
Invitation: Ash's Party Accents
Marshall Balloon: Etsy
Red Fireman Balloons: Etsy
Dalmatian Balloons: Hobby Lobby

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