Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Ya Gotta Be So Rude??

Today's post is no fancy picture just the image below. Why is that you are wondering? Well I have to be honest and tell you that this week has felt like I got beat up by a big bully. I take things very personally and when people leave bad reviews or are unhappy with orders it really eats away at me.

As most of you know I run a small business on the side making custom party invites, cards, favors and decor along with many of things. This is not my full time job. I work primarily as a marketing coordinator and am a college cheeleading coach part time too. I finally scheduled a whole week vacation in which I went on a cruise to Bermuda. When I returned I got right down to work fulfilling custom orders and creating new designs. I had a order from a customer I rushed to make (not charging extra) in order to meet her deadline. Needless to say I stayed up countless extra hours to get all orders fulfilled, especially this particular one. 

I was away at a trade show for my primary job earlier this week and received feedback from a customer saying she loved the items but wasn't expecting the item to be made like that. Now if you have ever been on my shop I give a full disclosure of what the favor is made of on both the title and the description. I did write her a very nice message back thanking her for the review, and let her know that I apologized if she was mislead, however it did state the materials in the listing description and title. 

Also, while away earlier this week, the big order I rushed to complete was delivered to the customer. The customer was unhappy with the items and said she was disappointed with the quality.  So in order to please them, I redid the order and refunded her completely. I was slaving over the order until past midnight last night (mind you I didn't get home from a trade show three hours away until 8:30pm) and left my house extra early to next day the package to them.

Now I am not asking for pity because I take full responsibility for all items in my shop, I just ask that when you convo a small business owner- or any business for that matter; remember they are normal people sitting on the other end of that message. Most of the time, if your order was not what you expected or damaged, the owner will go out of their way to fix it. Be conscience of that while writing your reviews. For most small businesses like mine, we rely heavily on reviews and one negative one can effect us a lot.

I appreciate everyone's business and most importantly I enjoy making things for customers!
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  1. Thanks so much Jess for the words of encouragement! I definitely can't let the small things get me down!


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