Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quick Beauty Fix

Summer is here and I don't know about you, but every chance I get I try to be outside. If I lived just a little bit closer you can guarantee I would basically live at the beach.. but for now I will have to make do with going on weekends or days off!

When I do get the chance to have a beach day I like to pack some quick beauty supplies to touch up before heading for a quick lunch, drink or even sometimes just bathroom break. Because I have freckles on my face I need to lather myself with sunscreen so that I don't get burned. But I hate being the feeling of sunscreen on my face, especially after a day of salt water, sand and sweating! I always keep these essentials in my beach bag just in case I want to freshen up!

Bag | Old Navy
Towel | Lilly for Target

I love putting on a few swipes of mascara to add a little pop to my eyes. It's amazing what a little mascara could do!

Cleansing Face Wipes
These are a god sent! Neutrogena Naturals Make up Wipes work wonders after a hot day. They remove all the dirt you may get from laying on your beach towel or any old make up you may have left on your face. They will make you feel so refreshed after you use them.

A small bottle of lotion is always in any bag I carry. My skin always gets dry after a day in the sun. I especially rub some on my hands to keep them nice and soft!

I don't usually wear concealer.. but actually just started this summer! Like I said before I have freckles on my face that love to appear darker in the sun. Using just a drop of concealer helps to blend these bad boys in!

Throw on a little lipstick or tinted lip gloss and it will brighten up you whole face.

"I received some of these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."
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  1. Oh i use those same wipes all the time! I love how soft they make my skin feel too! Once I bought the Harris Teeter brand and regretted it after the first wipe used!

  2. i only just discovered concealer thus year! I seriously plow through that stuff. i love Benefit's fake up. the BEST!
    your blog is so cute! can't wait to stop by again.
    ciao, xo


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