Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Black Friday (umm I mean Thanksgiving) Sales

It's the greatest shopping day of the year, but it has now flowed into an actual holiday. Workers are taken away from their families and homes to work 10+ hours because people wanna save a buck. I guess you can say I am against Thanksgiving shopping, but coming from a background of retail for almost 7 years.. I get where the stores are coming from.

I will not be out early on Thanksgiving. I will be spending time with both my family and Joe's family in New Jersey.  Maybe later on the in the night I will head out with my mom.  If you do decide to go shopping when the stores open on Thanksgiving, I complied a list of stores opening early, and ways to get the best out of you early morning I mean night shopping!

Opening Thanksgiving:

 6:00 am: 

7:00 am: 
Big Lots

4:00 pm
Old Navy

5:00 pm: 
Toys R Us
*Best Buy
Dick's Sporting Goods

6:00 pm:
Victoria's Secret (closing at 1am and opening later that morning)

8:00 pm:

Opening Black Friday:

12:00 am:
Game Stop

6:00 am:
Victoria's Secret
Bed Bath & Beyond

TJ Maxx Marshall's

Best Buy
Banana Republic
Check your local malls to see what other stores are opening early!

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