Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ten Things I Like About Myself | Blogtember Challenge

I've been slacking on this whole everyday prompt from the Blogtember Challenge
Today's topic is to stop all the negativity and talk about 10 things you like about yourself.

1. My personality- I think I can get along with anyone!
2. My freckles- Even though growing up I hated them and used to try and scrub them off, they make me, me and give my face character
3. My ability to think I can do anything.-You need 100 invitations designed and made by tomorrow while I work 8 hrs a day then have practice til 9pm.. I CAN DO IT!
4. I am an animal lover- Oh there is a turtle crossing a 3 lane highway. Yes I will stop and pick him up.
5. My hair- Whether long or short.. I can pretty much do anything with it. Curls, Straight, Waves, Messy.
6. My eyes- Everyone I know has blue or hazel eyes. Mine however are green.
7. I'm a fast learner- If you teach me something once, I will pick up the hang of it in no time!
8. Style- I like to think I'm a pretty stylish person and there's nothing more flattering then imitation.
9. Learning to bake- My grandmother always used to have homemade baked goods when we came home from school and after a day swimming. I would love to do that for my future kids and have recently begun baking more. Now I find myself baking when I'm bored instead of shopping!
10. Good Person- I like to think I am a good person. When I see a person drop money I will give it back to them.  I try to do the right thing always, even if just to keep a good conscience.

ahh.. I'm not used to writing good things about myself and hope I didn't bore you all too much.
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