Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's My Favorite Music | Blog-tember Challenge & a Giveaway!

I am definitely a Pandora junkie. I used to see on friend's Facebook status' they were listening to Spotify and the songs title's.  I remember downloading it.. and that's it? I didn't create any stations, I don't think I even opened it! I have a Pandora account. I even have some stations I listened to still on there from college! While at work it's always open on my desktop and even while I'm sitting on the beach.  Sometimes I switch it up and listen to iTunes Radio but they usually play the same selection of songs in the same order.  So what are some of my favorites? 
Brave Love Blog

Now how about a giveaway??

i've teamed up with a group of seriously awesome women to offer one heck of a birthday giveaway to you all!  i've gotten the pleasure of getting to know these girls through their blogs and then also through the peony project, and i seriously love having such an awesome community to collaborate with!  please, please, please go check out their blogs, and then enter to win below!

the giveaway will end on september 19 at midnight and all entries will be verified, so please play fair!  good luck!
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