Friday, September 12, 2014

Favorite Traditions | Blogtember Challenge

I'm sure like an family everyone has traditions. Some of mine include..waking up Christmas morning to the smell of cinnamon buns in the oven, feasting on the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve, receiving an Easter basket from my parents even at the age of 26 and so many more. But today as part of the blogtember challenge I thought I would share with you a tradition not from my blood family, but instead my sistas from another mista!! My sorority of course!

I attended Moravian College located in Bethlehem, PA .  Moravian is a liberal arts college with students from everywhere and anywhere. It is also a very small school, but for me coming from a high school with a mere 250 kids (from 7th-12th) this seemed huge to me! When I was a Freshman I already knew I wanted to join a sorority, just wasn't sure which one. After seeing some of my teammates on the cheer squad interacting with their sisters, I knew Tri-Sigma was it!

One of my FAVORITE rituals is homecoming. No matter where everyone lives, works, or travels too, as many of us come back to our roots for this one day. The day typically starts with a mimosa gathering at the Sigma house.  That is followed by a parade of all current sororities & frats show casing their decorated and themed float.  It ends at the football field where there is the annual Homecoming football game and huge tailgate. Sadly, I never get to participate in the tailgate due to cheerleading and now coaching, but I still love that all my friends come and visit my during the game and we all usually end at the bar next to the field. The day is never complete without a trip to the good ol' OBT (Old Brewery Tavern) only the best dive bar in town. And I use the world dive bar lightly. Seeing everyone and catching up makes the long day totally worth it. No matter where we left off we always pick up!
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