Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Easy Peanut Butter Pretzel Snack

A few friends of mine decided last minute to attend a Phillies game on Saturday. This was before we knew it was going to rain on and off all day. No worries though.. we huddled under the tailgate of my SUV and the rain decided to stop for the actual game! I needed to come up with an easy snack to bring to the tailgate with not a lot of time to head to the store and buy goodies.  Using all ingredients I had in my pantry I created this amazing little snacks. One of my favorite candies are pretzel M&M's, and these taste much like them!


Pretzels (I used square lattice)
Chocolate Hershey Kisses
Peanut Butter


Start by spreading peanut butter on however many bites you want to make.  Add another pretzel making it a 'sandwich'. Melt Hershey kisses on pot over stove. Continue to stir so chocolate doesn't stick to pan, once they start to melt add in splash of milk to thin out chocolate. Keep stiring until liquidy.  Add milk as needed to help stretch the chocolate for your bites.  Once completely melted keep stove on low heat. Carefully dip pretzel sandwiches into pot. Place on parchment paper.  Place in refrigerator until chocolate becomes solid on pretzel.  Serve and enjoy!

 photo d27c6805-c1e5-4cd1-9b33-6c4c09b4c046_zps6728e83e.png

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