Friday, August 22, 2014

High Five for Friday Update!

Hi Friends! As you have prolly noticed I've been a little MIA lately. Well let me give you an update on life and what seems like three weeks.. but has really only been ONE WEEK!

1. I put the finishing touches on a friends Bridal Shower invites.  These came out great and match the brides colors perfectly! You can order your own here 

2. I got to go to the Luke Bryan concert Friday night at the Linc.  Besides some drunk idiot getting SICK in our seats making us miss parts of the concert to move to differenet ones.. Luke was amazing! It was a bit chilly so I pulled out a new sweater for the Fall (sweater Forever21)

3. Joe and I attended one of his good friends from high school's wedding this weekend. We had some fun in the photobooth that the brides dad created. The bride was absolutly gorgeous too 
4.  Aren't these groomsman cards so rustic looking. I made these for a client to ask his best guys to stand by his side!

5. And lastly the reason i have been so busy this week is because it's preseason at Moravian! Hello fresh season and new skills! I'm sooo proud of how much they accomplished already and how amazing this team looks! (my dress: JCrewFactory)

  Oh yeah and this also happened.. Brrr

Hope everyone had a great week and and even better weekend planned!

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