Monday, April 14, 2014

How often do you wash your hair?

My hair is naturally curly, although you NEVER see it that way.  A typical week day consists of a fight to get out of bed in the morning earlier and wash my hair or sleep and extra ohh I don't know- HOUR and go dirty again.  I know what you are probably thinking- EW! But after speaking with my hairdresser (actually numerous hairdressers) about my shampoo routine, they confirmed that you SHOULDN'T wash your hair everyday.  Since I have gone to the ombre side, I have been curling my hair a lot more then usual.  When I use my straightener for curling it, it tends to stay tighter throughout the night and am able to stretch it for two days.  When my hair is straight I am able to stretch my washing time to 3-4 days!  Don't get me wrong, everyone's hair type is different and those with less thickness may have to wash their hair every day or every other day, but for a fuller head, like mine; I want to hold onto all the oils in my hair as I can!

Here are some tips for styling your hair when holding off on washing your hair for as long as possible:

If you have never used dry shampoo before here are some suggestions when looking for one*:

Dry Bar- Love the smell of this.  Reminds me of a natural smell of a shampoo. I would rank this number 1 of dry shampoo's!
Oscar Blandi- This really didn't soak up any excess oils for me, but did leave a clean smell.
Tresemme- Citrus smelling but with a chemical smell mixed too. If sprayed too close, white residue will form, but by combing or rubbing it in it will go away.
Pantene- This has a good sweet smell to it, but be careful when applying.  I sprayed too close to my scalp and it actually left my hair stiff.
Ojon- This actually made me get migraines. It left my hair more oily then before using it and the smell is so strong.  Would not recommend using this. 

*All reviews are my own.  In no way was I compensated for this post.  Reviews are with my hair which is naturally curly and thick hair.  Results may vary on hair types!

Are there any other dry shampoo's you have used or that you like that didn't make my list?
Share them in the comments below and what type of hair you have!

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