Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's Been Going On Around Here?

Usually I have draft blog posts saved up in case I do not get time during the week to come up with a post.  I looked in my draft folder and to my surprise saw NOTHING! So as you saw this week, I have skipped some posts recently.
What exactly has been taking up all my time you ask? Well take a look below!
These adorable Baby Boy Whale Invitations, Envelopes & Liners, and Additional Cards are now available in the Etsy Store. I can't wait to finish all the decorations and party planning for this Baby Shower!! Code APRILSHOWERS to receive 10% off any order!

Did you receive an Easter Card from Joe and I?? Aren't they cute these are also available in the Etsy Store! Enter Code APRILSHOWERS to receive 10% off any order!

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you don't then you are really missing out, because you can see pictures like this of me and my brother!
I also updated my about me.  I realized the other day that I don't have anything that speaks a little about me! So now you can click my profile profile picture to learn a little more about me!

Spent most of the weekend in Wildwood, NJ.  The weather was very pleasant, but couldn't believe how much warmer it was when we got inland! Stopped for a brief photo op at the Wildwood sign and beach balls!
Took this Sunday morning! So peaceful with the boardwalk empty!

So what have been some things you are up to lately? It seems as though April has flown by so far. I need to actually keep reminding myself my birthday is so soon!

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