Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Place I Call Home

Even though I am a few days late..Today I am linking up with Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved! Her topic for this link up is 'The Place I Call Home' This is a little hard for me because well home for me will always be my parent's house with is this little town called Roseto (named after Rosetto Italy- where my ancestors are all from), but I hold a special place in my heart for my current home BETHLEHEM, PA

So without any further do.. I present to you my 10 favorite things about 'the little town of Bethlehem'
PS Check out this post from last year I did about Bethlehem

10. There is so much history in this city and historic buildings, you can always find some new piece of history to uncover!
9. There is a casino in town, so whenever you want a friend just to drink with, chances are you will find SOMEONE there to hang out with!
8. It is totally acceptable to keep your Christmas lights up all year long.. Bethlehem is known as the Christmas City after all!
7. Moravian College, located in Bethlehem (my alma mater),was established in 1742, making it one of the oldest colleges in the nation.  
6. You can go anywhere in the city and see someone you know, whether they went to your college, frequent the establishment you are at, or recognize in passing. ALWAYS

5. Twice a year there is a restaurant week in the city.  This means there are pre-fix menus ranging from breakfast at only $10- three course dinners of $30.  It is the best chance to try a restaurant you normally won't go to, or is a little too pricey for you.  Just on Main Street alone there is everything to eat from Pub food, Thai, Italian and Tapas.
4. The best ice cream place I have been to is also located here.. The Cup. They make all their own ice cream flavors and have amazing sundaes.  I want one right now thinking about it!
3. Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" is from Bethlehem and his mom still lives in the city! If you are lucky you may see him lurking around!

2. This is where my first apartment is located.  While in college I lived off campus for two years in an apartment with three of my sorority sisters.  This was the 'party house' for my sorority and was amazing. The house it self was very college like, and we never really hung out in the living room because of smells of skunked beer soaking up from the basement but it taught me about budgets and living on my own.  
1. Drummm rollll... Number 1 on my list is this is the place I met my best friend, my rock, my person I yell at when I am mad at someone else. The guy who stole my heart four years ago.. The same person I met Freshman year and didn't like because I thought he was weird (long story). Well to say the least he grew on me.. with a little help from a friend. The love of my life and the person I hope one day to spend the rest of my life with- MY JOEY

Link up and see what 10 favorite things you love about the place you call home!

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