Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Perfect Bar Cart

When I first moved into my teenie tiny apartment, I knew I wanted a bar cart. They are just so classy, stylish, and perfect accent to my bachelorette pad! I looked at a couple of places and online, but couldn't find the perfect one for me.  I searched on Etsy and was able to locate what I knew would be a fixer up project! With a little help from spray paint, I turned the tarnished little thing into a piece of decor that is a center in my dining area.

But what are the makings of a perfect bar cart? Well stick around because I compiled a list of the essentials!


I found my vintage bar cart on Etsy from a seller that was so amazing and even took it apart to ship it and then post-it wrote how exactly to put it together! It needed some work since this was used before as an outside cart, but with a little gold and black spray paint it looked great finished! Other options are to look at your local flea market, yard sales, and thrift stores.  If still have no luck check out Ebay or Amazon.  Just remember if you order online, you will need to pay shipping.. and that can add up depending on sizes! 

This is an option for a new, vintage inspired bar cart from Target

Once you have your actual cart, now you can start accessorizing it! I chose a basket tray to add to the top shelf, but you can use anything you would like.
This etched vintage tray or red lattice tray are both found at Target

So now you have the basis of your cart.. it wouldn't be a BAR cart without a BAR!!


The key to a great bar cart is to have a variety of drinks for your guests. If you have just a small area, I would stick to just the basics.. these are the most common that guests tend to drink.  If you plan on throwing a wild and crazy party you may want to stack the bar with the optional bottles!

Basics:                                                          Optional:
Vodka                                                           Tequila
Rum                                                             Gin
Wine (Red & White)                                       Bourbon
Champagne                                                   Whiskey

You should always have mixers on hand.  I chose not to keep my mixers on my cart, just because it would be too crowded (unless it's a pretty bottle!). Again, if you are throwing a party or know a guest likes a certain drink, make sure to have the appropriate mixers! 

Mixers:                                                          Pro Status:
Orange Juice                                                  Salt Rims
Club Soda                                                      Fruit
Cranberry Juice                                              Bitters

What are your guest suppose to drink out of? This calls for some classy glassware!


You want different shapes and sizes for your cocktails & drinks you are making regularly. If you want to save money, it would be better to purchase an entertaining set like below from Target

Martini         Champagne
Beer Pint       Wine
Shot             Margarita 

Decanters         Shakers
Corkscrews      Bottle Opener
Stirs/Straws      Coasters

If you don't know what any of the below list is.. chances are you won't need them!

Optional Accessories:
Fine Strainer
Ice Bucket

Now that you have you cart all stocked, make sure to add some fun touches! I made some fun prints to dress up my bar area.  You can also DIY like these gold prints I made for my bedroom.

So, what are you waiting for.. get out there and start stocking your cart!!

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