Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What Is Behind 'Hearts & Stuff' and Some Facts!

The other day I was shocked when someone called me 'unapproachable'. It actually made me very sad and a little angry at the same time. I like to think that I am a very easy spirited person.  One who has a temper at times.. that my family credits as the 'Casciano Temper' in which there is at least one person in each immediate family that holds this Italian temper! But that only comes out if someone REALLY ticks me off, and when that happens take cover! I have a hard time saying no to anyone. If you ask me to do something I will most likely say yes and try my hardest to fit everything into my crazy schedule. So for someone to say I'm 'unapproachable' really upsets me.

After speaking with some friends, they let me know that sometimes not opening up to people may come off as say 'bitchy' or 'unapproachable'  just because I'm not a loud and in your face person- until you get to know me that is! So in this new year I want to try and become more socialable towards people even before I get to know them.  I need to remember everyone has a story!

Onto a lighter note.. 

I'm sure some of you are wondering what is the meaning behind Hearts & Stuff?
... Well this goes way back to my college days. I don't actually know where it started but during pledging for my sorority, my pledge sisters and I started saying it to each other instead of the typcical 'I Love You' we would say  'Hearts & Stuff'.  This then stuck through with me throughout college, typing it on peoples walls, writing it in cards, and even just making a heart sign to friends! After graduating and starting my all star cheerleading program, my first team I coached was a young group of kids between 8-14 years old.  Some were very inexperienced and at their first competition was in awe at what they saw from other teams! I started saying to these kids that they have my heart & stuff and before every performance would shoot them the heart sign from the front row of the mat. I still say this to the kids now three seasons later, and they say it to each other also! So when thinking of a name for my blog, I wanted something I could put my heart into and write with passion and show my creative side also! So this title I thought would be perfect. Easy to remember.. and kinda catchy!

What are some other facts you don't know about me??

  • I used to be a redhead.. yes that's right I was a ginger when I was little
    I also clearly looked like Shirley Temple with my curls.  Oh and PS that is food in my mouth.. I wasn't that chubby!

  • In high School I played three sports and earned 4 Varsity Letters in each ... Cheerleading, Volleyball, & Softball!- and served as Captain in all three!

  • I guess I should say about how small my school was.. I graduated with 45 kids with 1/2 being exchange students from other countries! So the life of a Catholic School Girl!
    Isn't my roommate gorgeous!! PS my skirt was trimmed just a little for Halloween festivities!
  • I sometimes say words wrong. 
America Says:                           I Say:
Pull                                            Pool
Graham                                      Grayham
Salad                                          Sal- it

And those are just some of the many

  • I was in a Sorority in College- Sigma Sigma Sigma to be exact and met 8 of my best friends. We were together through thick and thin and was so sad to leave them when we graduated. 

That's all I will leave you with right now.. Hope this gives you a better glimpse into Hearts & Stuff :o)

 photo heartssignature_zps360fcd0a.png

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  1. The photos are marvelous including the Catholic schoolgirl outfit.


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