Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gifts Under $25

Why is it that four of my friends have birthdays all within two weeks in February. Mix in Valentine's Day = Broke. I am the type of person that loves to give gifts! Not that I give to expect them in return, I literally just LOVE giving gifts..

  • Putting thought into it
  • Going on the hunt for it
  • Wrapping or decorating it
  • The look on their faces
Just some of the reasons!

But those gifts can add up! Especially when they all come at the same time (like February).  I've compiled some options for gifts that are all under $25

1.Cardigan- If you have been out to shopping at any mall lately, you will see most stores are putting out their Spring essentials! Now is the best time to stock up on winter & cold weather accessories. You can get pretty much any cardigan on sale now!
2.Coasters-I love the look of these wooden signs, and who doesn't need coasters for their living room tables! What cute sayings!
3.Bottle Opener- This can be hung on a wall next to a bar cart or outside for your summer gatherings and parties.  Great idea if a friend has a beach house, aren't we always loosing the bottle opener outside!
4.Jewelry Box- Can be used for men or women to store jewelry, watches, coins or personal items!
5.Hot Sauce- Does your friend like spicey or hot food?! This brand can typically be found at any local grocery store, but perhaps try different flavors or brands your friend wouldn't normally purchase!
6.Wine Glass- Just imagine your wineo friends face when they open up this bad boy! It's so cute and would make a great asset to any bar or bar chart they may have! 
7.Candle Warmer- If you know your friends don't like using actual candles because of the fear of flames in their house, this is a perfect alternative.  Great for use in offices also!
8.Luggage Tag- Is your friend an avid traveler? Or how about going on a vacation in the near future? You can help them out and gift them a tag and even better, put a gift card in the tag! Two gifts in one!
9.Wine- You can NEVER and I repeat NEVER go wrong with a bottle of wine for a friend.  This is probably the easiest and cheapest gift. Price range for a typcial bottle of everyday wine is from $5- $20! Put a little ribbon around the neck and you are good to go!
10.Stationary- I am a firm believer that everyone needs stationary! Whether to write your grocery list, or send a letter this is a great idea. If you don't want to do anything over the top or to frilly for them, simply go with a monogrammed letter on it! 

Hope these gift ideas help you out to try and stay on a budget of $25.00!

Also, a Big Shout out and Happy Birthday to my best girl and guy!
Happy Birthday, Brenna!!!

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!

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