Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Four Friday

It's FINALLY Friday! This week feels as though it dragged on.. maybe because this my first full week at work due to snow in two weeks! Besides the snow there was some fun points this week..

1. When I saw this posted on Facebook I literally laughed out loud. This is totally my boyfriend. 

 2. I received the sweetest card from my parents. It made me cry when I opened it up! It's so perfect Pink & Cupcakes!

3. This little guy or I should say big guy since I have NO room for it in my little kitchen; found its way home with me this week! I just love the mint green color of it (real color Candy Apple) 

 4. I took the picture on the right last weekend at our cheerleading competition and the one on the left was taken in 2011.  What changes we both made! It is a pleasure seeing these kids grow up right in front of my eyes!

What fun Friday happenings did you have going on??
Have a great weekend dolls!

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