Monday, February 24, 2014

Birch Box // February

This box was a little different when I took it out of my mailbox. Birch box comes with a cardboard 'wrapping' outside the box which includes your actual box with products inside it. When I took it out all I could hear was glass banging against each other and could only imagine the mess I would see when I opened the box up.  To my surprise nothing was broken, just packaged poorly.. With that aside I was happy to see a very hot pink polish and a sunscreen, which could only mean that Spring is on it's way!!

Smashbox Cosmetics, Full Exposure Mascara- I thought this would be just another mascara I would end up putting in my jar of samples, but after opening to see the barrel it is actually pretty big! I find that throughout the day I like to refresh my mascara, but hate carrying my who make up bag.. this would fit perfect into my purse and easy to travel.

Beauty Protector, Protect & Oil- This oil targets hair that has been dried out from heat and UV rays. Simple massage into the ends of damp hair and dry as normal. I will definitely be giving this a try, since in winter my hair gets abnormally dry with all the heat blasted from drying it with every wash.

COOLA, Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face- This made me beyond happy to see! SUNSCREEN!!!! ahh! Anyway, this is a tinted SPF which is a little dark for me to wear right now without any tan.  But once I get a base tan this is definitely something I will give a try! A plus to this product is it is scentless!

Ruby Wing, Color Changing Nail Polish in Kitten Heels- First off can we please look at the name of this product- Kitten Heel, how fun is that! Secondly- look at the color, it shouts out to me SPRING/SUMMER! Anyway, after inspecting this vibrant color, it's actually sun changing. It goes from this hot pink shown above to a deep magenta in the sun.  Pretty cool!

Smashbox Cosmetics, Full Exposure Palette (NOT SHOWN)- The hues in this palette are very close to mimicking those of the Urban Decay Naked palette. There is only enough to use each color once or twice, but would be good for an weekend excursion out!

If you are interested in signing up for a BirchBox simply go here.

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