Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grammy's 2014

Favorite Looks 

Whenever you have an awards show, all the looks come out. So instead of showing you my favs and dislikes; I will leave you with just two of the most put together stars I thought from Sunday night!
Taylor Swift looked gorgeous in this Gucci.  She has that natural beauty that she can wear a potatoes sack and look sexy!
Even though I wasn't to much of the plunging neckline on this Pammella Roland dress, I think Miranda Lambert looked stunning and can tell she worked hard for her body!

Best Performances

There were many performaces to chose from.. I mean come on.. it was the Grammy's and all!! You had Ringo Star, Hunter Hays and Taylor Swift blowing up the Twitter scene. Along with a performance from Metallica that wowed the hard rock metal fans. But to me.. I chose these two as my favorite!
I believe this is the same performance given at the MTV Awards (yes/no?) however, I loved it just the same.  Pink shows true talent being able to not only sing but actually PERFORM live on stage. Kuddos!
Let's not even talk about the Grammy's without discussing Queen B and her King! Wow is all I can say!! Beyonce kicked off the show with a silhouette performance of  her on a chair dripping wet singing Drunk in Love   That turned into an appearance by her man Jay-Z and both collaborated. I know I am not the only one that wishes they can get a sneak peek into their home life.  Sexy on stage and laid back and comfy at home (at least that's what I think!!)

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