Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Girls Guide to The Super Bowl

SO the biggest football game of the year is upon us.. how do you plan on spending it? Most likely, even if you don't like football; you will end up watching the game! Whether it's because your beau is, you like the commercials, or let's face it.. you have to know when to switch to watch the puppy bowl!!

Let's get something straight about this game.. The game is being held at Metlife Stadium- Home of the NY Jets & NY Giants BUT the stadium is located East Rutherford, NJ. That's right NEW JERSEY not NEW YORK.

You also can't forget about your cute outfit you need to chose! 
Click picture for where to buy 
Check out my post tomorrow for more options!!

By now you have probably already seen the Richard Sherman interview with Erin Andrews after his Championship win..
But some things you should know about Richard Sherman before you judge the book by it's cover, or can bring up to your man during the game when he makes a huge play!
PS Check out this interview given to Sports Illustrated.
- Born in 1988- therefore he is MY age 25.  Give the guy some slack, he made a game winning play and was in the heat of the moment when he gave the interview with Erin Andrews
-He was born and raised in Compton, CA and racked up some major records for both football and track while in High School
-He graduated as Salutatorian, ranking him second in his class.
-He attended Stanford University and started his Freshman year as a wide receiver
-He suffered an injury his Sophomore year and returned as cornerback to finish the season when his team needed him.
-He graduated in 2010 with a Communications major, and returned to being his masters at Stanford.
-Drafted in 2011 5th round to the Seattle Seahawks.
How about them apples??

 You may also hear people talking about the Seahawks player that is deaf
This is Derrick Coleman. He is a running back for the Seattle Seahawks.  He also is the first deaf offensive player in the NFL!

I'm sure this commercial will be playing at least once during the game.
If your boy is like mine.. this song is now on every playlist he has! It is kinda catchy though and well Colin Kaepernick is not bad to look at either

But back to the SUPER BOWL.. right..

I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about OMAHA too. Not Omaha, NE.. Peyton Manning's play calling using the word 'Omaha'
During the Chargers game Peyton Manning called the Omaha Snap count 44 times. So let's turn this into something fun!! 
Follow the Rules and play along!!

I hope this helps you enjoy Super Bowl Sunday a little more :o)

PS.. check out my post tomorrow for more outfit options to wear to a Super Bowl Party!

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