Monday, January 27, 2014

Nail Rock Caviar Manicure >> Review

In my January BirchBox I received the Nail Rock, Caviar.  I couldn't wait to try it, since I have been eyeing up the Ciate Brand in Sephora for a while now.  I was hesitant in purchasing this though, because I didn't know how it would last.  I am glad I received the Nail Rock version to sample and share with everyone my findings!

Nothing better then a snowy night to stay in and give myself a little mani!  

Apply two coats of the nail polish.  After the second one dip finger nail into the 'caviar'.  Press onto nail and let dry for 15-20 minutes. I immediately knew this was not going to last. Even after letting sit and dry some started to fall off.  I decided to seal mine with Essie Top Coat , thinking this would help hold the caviar on.. but it failed.  Once I started my daily routine even more caviar fell off. 

My opinion on this product, is if you are putting on the manicure for a night out and doing it about an hour before this would be perfect. I do not recommend if  you want this to last for more then a day, esp if you are a busy girl like myself! 

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