Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl Outfits

Did you check out my post from yesterday? I'm sure some of you are gearing up to show your team colors.. or maybe you are just attending a party and watching the game at home because - well.. it's what we do on Super Bowl Sunday! Today I'm showing you two outfit options you may want to chose from.
1. Rock out your team spirit and throw on your favorite jersey! Even if your team isn't playing on Sunday, it is ALWAYS acceptable to wear your favorite jersey. That's the whole point of purchasing it in the first place- to wear it!! 
2. More of a casual feel, even if you hate football you can still look good at a party! Maybe even throw on a cute shirt like this one shown!
Outfit 1
Russel Wilson Jersey
Combat Boots- $49.00
Chambray Button Up- $23.00
Charcoal Leggings-$10.00

Outfit 2 
Chunky Cardigan- $50.00
Statement Necklace- $138.00
Slogan  Tee- $28.00
Wedge Booties- $110.00
Boyfriend Jeans- $70.00

Hope whatever you are doing this Sunday is fun! Or maybe you are just going to the mall shopping.. that's always a good day too!!

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