Thursday, November 14, 2013

October Beauty Box

This months Beauty Box has arrived.. actually last week but I just ended opening it now!
So what did I receive in it?? Well hold your horses and I will tell you!

La Fresh, Facial Cleansing Wipes- I think I have received these before in a box, actually I definitely have received these before!!
Nubar, Nail Polish- Clear glitter.. never can have enough polish esp. glitter!
Model Co.,Cheek & Lips stain..  I want to try it out this week. I spread some on my hand because it is a dark color in the bottle, but it is actually a pretty rosey color.
Aveeno, Lotion- I use this lotion ALL THE TIME!!! This was a great find, because it's perfect purse size!
Simply Sparkle, Glitter Toe Spacers- I needed these!! In winter months I don't spend the extra cash on pedis since my toes are rarely out.  I just paint my own toes, and don't have spacers at my new apartment!

All in all, I liked this box! Products I already use and needed! Plus a little out of my comfort zone with the cheek & lip stain! A+ beauty box!!

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