Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun Four Friday

Hello my lovely readers! Happy Friday or more like TGIF!!! So what's been going on in Ashley's world this week.. TONS of stuff that is why my posts have been pretty scarce this week.

1. On Monday I got to work early in order to decorate and surprise my co-work for a milestone birthday!  She was so grateful & in shock- she loved it! Maybe I went a little over board with the confetti all over her desk..
2. Went to Target to pick up a little gift for a friends house warming party. OMG has anyone checked out the new 'CHEERS' holiday collection glasses and accessories!? If you have not done so already please do.  I loved them so much I purchases some for her, some for me, and went back to another Target to get more on Thursday!!

3. Finished making Joe and mine's Christmas Card! It's so cute- if I do say so myself! I was a little swamped this year fulfilling Etsy orders and working three jobs! So I went to Minted for a little help! They have amazing designers and hope to be featured one day on their site! But for now, you will have to wait to see them!

4. Joe got me a little desert surprise! This boy knows the way to my heart for sure! Crumbs cupcake vanilla bean coconut creme! YUMMO! Is it acceptable to eat this for breakfast.. to late just did :o)

How was your week? Enjoy your weekend! I know I have a fun filled weekend, that you will hear all about next week!

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