Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Four Friday

Hello my little dolls! Hope your week is going great so far.. I'm just happy mine is almost over! I am almost to the finish line of a fundraiser I am planning for the cheerleaders.  It's a high school/ Rec cheerleading competition, and boy am I gonna be glad when it is over! Anywho.. let's get into fun four friday shall we! This week it is dedicated to the Christmas well and TARGET.. Have you noticed that Christmas is EVERYWHERE already.  Stores, commercials, weekly circulars! What happened to Thanksgiving??!? I can't help myself but get into the spirit too, and hope to get all shopping done by early December.. I'll let you know how that goes..

1. Spent last weekend at my best friend's house.  These glasses are part of the housewarming gift I got her.. that I also got for myself too! CHEERS

2. Don't mind my dying phone.. but say this post on Facebook of stores opening on Thanksgiving.  I was very surprised at GAP. Don't get me wrong I may have to go there to check out the sales.. but after working retail for as long as I did I have to think about the workers and how they don't get to spend time with their families!

3. Purchased this Tree for Joe's apartment.  He has plenty of space and thought this would be the perfect accent. Also purchased from Target!

4. Lastly, a picture of Target.  I posted this on Instgram yesterday..I seriously want to buy one of everything in this aisle! Have you picked up anything yet??

Let me know what your Fun Four Friday happenings are!
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