Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Black & White

When I was younger I hardly ever wore anything black.  I was always that child with the hot pinks & the lime greens prancing around.  Typically I would chose a floral print over stripes back then. Now when you open my closet you would think I work in a funeral home.  If you get lucky you will see a pop of color here or there.  But my wardrobe now consists of black, whites, stripes, & neutrals.  What can I say- I've become a plain jane in my old age of 25!! Oh and did I mention the baggier the sweater or shirt the better?? What have I become!!

With no fault of my own.. I was forced to go to our local outlet mall on Sunday afternoon! I stopped into Forever 21 to exchange something, however came out with three sweaters and a dress later. Those people know how to get me!! 
Here are some other things I am crushing hard on from there!

No surprises here of color!!

But I do love them all and need them in my closet!

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