Monday, November 4, 2013

Kate Spade >> Gift Ideas

Kate Spade sent out an email blast Friday that had some of these items spotlighted. I immediately fell in love! There are so many cute clothing pieces & home goods for New Year's Eve- But since I most likely won't be throwing a party this year.. I thought I would share with you how you can gift these items this year. In case you weren't aware- it IS November already!!!
GLITTER COASTERS!!! Need I say more?! Wouldn't these be great to show off at a New Years Party! Perfect gift for a new homeowner!!

mix and match bands to add a special accent to any outfit. Perfect gift for a sister!

Cocktail napkins. My obsession with polka dots and gold continues. Perfect gift for friend 
Wine glass accents. Perfect gift to bring to a hostess

This would look great on any tree for a splash of color! Great gift for a Secret Santa! 
Water color champagne flutes! Gift these to a newly engaged couple!

OBESESSED with these heels, Christmas gift?!- GIFT THESE TO ME!!!
Champagne Change Purse- New Years Eve perhaps! Perfect gift for your party friends!

Did you start making a Christmas wish list yet?? Or have you started shopping yet? Thankfully Joe and I decided we aren't doing 'gifts' this year.. instead we are taking a trip to San Diego between Christmas & New Years.  Thank goodness one thing off my list!

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