Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Think Pink

I know I am a day late.. story of my life! But Happy Breast Cancer Month.  This month is dedicated to making not only women but EVERYONE aware of the risks of breast cancer. This month is dear to my heart, because I lost my grandmother to breast cancer.  She passed when I was young.. I think only 8 years old.. but I wish I had more time with her! Back then cancer, esp breast cancer was not really spoken about.  But it is my goal to make everyone more aware.This is a great site ti help educate individuals. You can create a plan for early detection, coping after being diagnosed for family members or yourself & how to help the cause with fundraising!  So take a moment out of your day today, think about your mom, grand-mom, sister, friends & yourself.  Help with the cause! Get educated and use early detection.

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