Thursday, October 3, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Dip

What are some of your favorite tailgating foods? One of mine is Buffalo Chicken Dip.  When I go sports bars and grab appetizers that by far is my favorite thing to order!!  Before last year I never knew how to make it and thought it was difficult- until I made it the first time, now it is my go to!


2 Canned Chicken breasts (can be found in the aisle with tuna)
2 8oz blocks Philadelphia Creme Cheese
1 Cup Ranch Dressing
Franks Hot Sauce- how much depends how hot you prefer.. add as you go
1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Heat skillet and open canned chicken.  Shred into pieces while heating.  Add in ranch dressing and 2 blocks of creme cheese. Continue mixing.

While continuing to mix chicken, ranch and creme cheese add in hot sauce.  Use your judgment and those that will be eating it, on how hot you prefer it.

Add in shredded cheese and mix until melts.  Pour into crock pot and let simmer until ready to serve.  Add more shredded cheese on top when ready to serve.  Can be eaten cold or warmed in microwave!!


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