Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Weekend Rewind | December

 Whew! Christmas is almost here! How in the world can that be. But I must be honest. I'm not totally into it this year. Normally I would have the house decorated inside and out by the Friday after Thanksgiving- this year I didn't. I didn't even put up all the decorations I have! Like literally still have ornaments in the storage box that I just gave up on. Years past I would wrap all the gifts by like the first week of December- yet this year I still have some on my list. I don't know what it is. But truthfully I just feel burned out. Between working full time, owning my online clothing boutique, the boys, and trying to live this 'perfect' life I am just exhausted. Here I am rambling about stupid stuff and I know there are families struggling with losses, financially and my heart goes out to all those in Kentucky who were effected by the tornados. But, I just have always been pretty transparent with you all, so that's just why I just wanted to share that you may not see the big Christmas posts as in years past, yet still trying to do all the things with the boys!


We jumped on board of the Polar Express!  The elves left the boys a note and special pj's in the morning to wear after school.  Joe picked up the boys and he brought them to my office to get dressed in their special jammies. We headed over to the train which was only about 10 minutes from my office. I was surprised at how empty it was. In the past years every seat was filled in every car, but there was empty rows. Since we had three sitters and one lap sitter, we got the facing rows. We had ample room for the boys to move around. We are so sad we missed out on it last year, but we love this Christmas tradition. Both boys feel asleep on the way home. We put them both right to bed, and decided 


I had a pop up for my shop at Barre3 studios. That lasted until about noon and then I went home to see what the boys were up to. It was a lazy Saturday with rain on and off and very windy! At night we went to our neighbors who live behind us to see their home decorated for Christmas. They have a model train of the Polar Express that the boys loved. Vinny was getting cranky, so I went home with him and ordered take out and Joe was soon to follow with Joey. 


Our morning started with gingerbread shaped waffles from the BEST waffle maker and lots of coffee! I did not sleep at all that night due to such high winds. I was thinking I would wake up to my Christmas wreaths and trees all over the place. Thankfully it wasn't that bad at all.  It was also Santa Day in town! Santa came on the firetruck to surprise the neighborhood kids and give them a gift! Santa got the boys Mr. and Mrs. Potato head this year. After Santa arrived and the boys settled down, I ran out to grab some last minute stocking stuffers and to a nail appointment. Later that night, Joey and I headed to my mother in law's house down the street to help her with a work party she was hosting! Joey had so much fun showing off and entertaining the ladies!

It was a great weekend in the books!

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