Friday, October 29, 2021

Trunk or Treat 2021

I was so happy to hear that the boys school was doing Trunk or Treat again this year. They cancelled it last year and the kids were so upset (including myself).

This year for Halloween I let Joey pick what he wanted to be for Halloween. He is really into Pok√©mon so he chose to be Pikachu. I found his costume as well as Vinny's Snorlax costume on Amazon.  

I went mostly simple with the design for the Trunk or Treat this year and just drew the big Poke Ball out or cardboard and painted it.  I had gotten the Pikachu and Snorlax pillows for the boys at Target earlier in the month and through they would be perfect to use. I got these balloons from Amazon, however ended up not using them. The Pikachu actually popped before the event began, and then other ones it was just too windy to put out. I was nervous they would pop and scare the little ones!! I just added some orange lights and pumpkins to make it more Halloween-ish! To hand out to the kids I stuck with just Halloween shaped fruit snacks.

From of course Amazon I got the Ashe custom to surprise the boys with! It was such a fun time!

Years Past:

2019 Little Blue Truck Halloween

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