Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sephora Favorites

The Sephora sale is in full swing for all three categories- Rouge, VIB and Insiders! If you aren't an insider yet, then you NEED to sign up! It's completely free and to have insider status you do not need to purchase a minimum to keep up with it, unlike the other two. Throughput the year, there are special sales and promo's so I would definitely recommend signing up!

Rouge members save 20%

VIB members save 15%

Insiders save 10%


Today I've rounded up some of the items that I picked up already that I always purchase when they run the sale.. I also purchased other fun things, but these are my staples I always restock on!

 Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleaner- Use this to wash my face every night.

Super Goop Glow Screen- Apply religiously to my face all Summer. Also has the nicest color tint to wear without makeup!

Super Goop Sunny Screen- Babies- I got this for the first time this year for the boys to use. I am trying to use cleaner products for them, so I am sure this will be used all summer!

Isle of Paradise Disco Tan - This lotion is the best if you want immediate color, but also washes off when you are finished wearing it!

Drunk Elephant Pitti Deodorant- I am currently in the process of reviewing a bunch of deodorants, and so far this is my favorite! From someone who suffered from excessive sweat their whole life, this is the best I've found for me! This is the second time ordering this and I'm sure won't be the last! 

Olaplex Bonding Oil- I have naturally curly hair, so to help tame frizz, I put a few drops in my hands and rub over the fly away's when straight and curls. 

Two Faced Better then Sex Mascara- My old faithful favorite mascara. With every order (no exaggeration) I purchase this mascara!

So have you shopped yet? If so, what did you get! If you haven't, what do you plan on picking up?

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