Friday, April 16, 2021

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I had a short week, since I was off of work on Monday, but it felt longer then normal. We have a busy weekend ahead of us with Soccer Games starting! And we just got our Tball schedule- so even busier weekends are coming!

It's also my mom's birthday Saturday, so we are gonna try to grab brunch or lunch this weekend as well!


I purchased the cutest lounge set from Amazon. I forgot I actually had it until I found it in my closet this week!


Joey has his first dentist appointment this week. I was not gonna lie, I was so nervous going into it, because I for sure thought he wouldn't behave. He did so well though! I set so still and steady for them and even got a gold coin!


After his appointment, I wasn't too in a hurry to get into work and Joey to school, so we went on a date for breakfast!


I was browsing the Forever 21 website the other day to get inspiration for some spring outfit, and sometimes I can find something age appropriate for me! It brought me back to growing up and the outfits and trends. Here are some of them that I wore religiously growing up, and looks like they are trying to bring them back??

 Butterfly Clips

Biker Shorts

Platform Wedges


Block Heels


Sephora is currently having their sale. If you aren't a insider- be sure to sign up! My favorites are all linked on this post!

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