Friday, April 23, 2021

FUNCTIONAL Linen Closet Organization

 Happy Friday Friends! 

This is a project I actually finished a while ago, however, I just never got around to taking a few pictures for the post! I got so inspired to clean the whole house and organize while watching the Home Edit during maternity leave/ lock downs. But let's be realistic- I have a very active lifestyle and have two boys that don't stay in one place for long! I need my linen closet to be organized yet functional!

I picked up these bins at Target and love that they are flexible to be able to pull sheets, towels and blankets in and out without taking each bin out of the closet. 

On the bottom of the closet I have the large bins and the bulkiest items. These are the master bedroom (king) extra sheets and the extra throw blankets. The lowest shelf has the boys sheets each in their own medium bin and in the small bins are band-aides and first aide stuff so that it is easy to grab. Next shelf up is guest towels and extra hand towels and travel pouches. Then I have the boys humidifiers, little fans, diffusers etc. and more extra towels in the medium bin. The last shelf in the baskets are back stock of bathroom supplies, soap etc. 

Small Bin

Medium Bin

Large Bin

Do you have a linen closet that is over flowing and you need to tackle? I highly recommend these flexible felt bins for the storage!

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