Monday, April 26, 2021

Deodorant Match up

Oh sweat... So, let me give you a little back story. In 2017 I had MiraDry done after dealing with excessive sweating my whole life. Since I was 12 I have always favored the color black, would were layers so that I could hide my pit stains and would never be able to wear colors that showed sweat. It was hell! No deodorant works. Lucky, it never smelled, so I really was the only one who had to deal with it. I got the procedure a few months after having Joey and it worked so well. The only time I would sweat or at least show it was during a time of intense work out. But after about 2 years, I felt like over time it may have worn off? I did ask my dermatologist and they said it could be my hormones have changed or I might not a little refresh of it, but I just didn't have the time to schedule it. 

So, I decided to try a natural deodorant..  I tried my first natural one in Spring 2019. It didn't go so well. When I would sweat, especially stress sweat it smelled- real bad! Well, it could have been my hormones changing, because we found out I was pregnant that May.  I went back to my old faithful Clinical Strength deodorant because at least it would mask the smell to an extent until Winter came around. After I had Vinny of course my hormones were all out of lack still and the odor came back- especially at night with the night sweats. But it was winter, so I wasn't really excessive sweating in public.  Then, Covid hit and I honestly couldn't tell you if I wore deodorant for weeks at a time! But I decided I wanted to go cleaner in my life (I had already switched my cleaning products used in the house) so I purchased natural deodorant again to give it a whirl. In the Summer I went to my dermatologist for another reason, but we spoke about my MiraDry process I had a few years prior. She gave me a special sample of a prescribed deodorant, but it was just so harsh on my skin and burned like crazy, I maybe used it two days. I really think though, it worked to help with the excessive sweating, because I definitely saw a decrease in my excessive sweating. So, it was the perfect time to dive back into the natural route.  

I tried the the below ones.. but would love to hear if you had or have excessive sweating and what has helped you!

Drunk Elephant | Sephora 

This one I received a sample of in a travel pack I ordered. It is also the most expensive but- it works! I wore it for a week straight and even to a barre class and it didn't make me smell- not even from stress sweat. During the sale I purchased a full size bottle and have been using it since.

Native (Coconut & Vanilla) | Target

I like the smell of it, however when I start sweating, it quickly fades away. 

Kopari (Original) | Sephora

I first tried this one two summers ago when I was pregnant with Vinny, so it didn't really work. I have tried it again this time, I feel as though it is working until I have stress sweat, then I smell.. ha

Secret Clinical Strength (Light & Fresh) | Target

This is my go to. It doesn't work completely, however this is the one that I've been wearing the longest and through every pregnancy. I love that it can be purchased at my local drugstores or target if I'm ever in a pinch. 

Do you experience excessive sweating? If so, what do you use that works for you?

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